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    Shocking news of accident from the apex scientific institute of our country

    Yesterday, I came across one news item regarding a fatal accident that took place in the Aerospace laboratory of the premier scientific institution - Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru.

    During the work on a research project study on shock waves, the accident took place in the Aerospace laboratory and one researcher died on and three others were injured.

    This is, I think, first of its kind in such a reputed place and raises a serious concern for safety in high end research laboratories. Any research in the area of high temperature, pressure, nuclear or magnetism requires certain basic safety procedures to keep in mind as otherwise some enthusiastic researchers may in their hurry can do some mistakes or even blunders in their excitement.

    What are in your opinion the necessary precautions and cautions those people should take or advised to take who are working in such hazardous environment?
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    All these institutions will generally give utmost importance to safety rules and regulations. They never violate these principles. How this accident took place is to be understood and proper precautions required for non reoccurrence should be taken. My thinking is that some unanticipated behaviour during the work might have turned into a problematic incident. What short of measurements are being carried out and what is the equipment that is being used, is it a problem related to the equipment are to be studied properly.
    IISc is the best scientific organisation of the country. All the people are very talented and do a good quality of research work on various scientific projects. Aerospace laboratory is having a very good facilities and Avery well known laboratory.
    Whether it is manufacturing or research, when we are working on a new project we should see that all the concerned people should be cautious and should use all the protective equipment to avoid unnecessary accidents.

    always confident

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    In the meantime & in any of the prestigious & reputed institutions all possible kinds of precautionary measures are taken in order to avoid any unexpected accidents or occurrences but with the fact that even in such places few casual approaches can be seen being taking place resulting into serious injuries to others.

    Being a human being we are often prone to errors & in case that this goes unnoticed then the same may lead to threats with no matter how cautioned we were.

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