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    We should never be swayed by emotions in life

    There are politicians who have successfully divided people on the basis of caste, religion, sharing of river waters and what have you.

    We then have our local politicians who further divide people on various issues. Emotions should always take a back seat on issues. We need to look at every issue and try to bring out the logic behind the issue and do something about it. Whether it is the Sabarimala temple issue or any other issue where respecting the Supreme Court judgement is concerned, we should learn to keep emotions aside and take on the issue in an unbiased manner.

    Wheverever communal harmony is involved, let us, the common people also do the same blunder as the politicians. We should strive only for communal harmony.
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    Yes, it's true. We need to keep our emotions under control all the time. Politicians are playing with the sentiments of the common man and people are acting in a way without thinking of the consequences. It's seen everywhere. Every person is unique and has his own choice. There is a tendency among many people to impose that choice on others.

    We must think that the world is not somebody's own, the world is for all of us. People of different religions, castes and creeds are residing in different countries and there are many politicians who are trying to divide the people according to their difference of choices. I find there is a tendency among many to declare a certain religion or belief superior to the other one. This creates trouble and disharmony. All humans are same. Nobody is superior or inferior to the other. We have to remember this. There is no point in interfering in others beliefs and people must co-exist peacefully.

    Every country has rules and regulations and every citizen must follow them diligently. The mentality of following the herd must be stopped and instead, people must follow the heart. Humans are the most intelligent species on this planet and they must use their intelligence before acting. Becoming emotional affects our intelligence and decision-making process and that's why we should never be swayed by emotions.


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    An appropriate thread to make people understand about the need of the hour. The main problem is the lack of education. An uneducated society can get swayed by anyone very easily. They lack judgement which signifies weak mentality. To progress in life, we need to have a good understanding, respect for one another, and compassion. Without harmony, the social life comes to a standstill. The evil practices take over only because people lack the power to judge and, get carried away by fake emotion. So, emotion needs to be controlled, or else, humanity will be at stake.

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    Religion is a very sensitive matter and people easily get provoked by it and politicians take advantage of the same. They play with our emotions because we let them play. We need to understand that by being emotional we harm ourself only. It's better to listen to the people but don't get carried away and should think about it before acting on it.

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    The title of the thread gives a vast scope and the content narrowed it to a specific. Let us not blame the politicians all the time. The public is the main culprits. People are not getting swayed just by the politicians but also due to their personal benefits. We lament here much about the exploitation but do nothing about it. It is the public alone which can bring a change in the society. I think people are realizing it and the awareness is slowly creeping into their minds. These discussions are an indication of the same. The law of the country is supreme and the efforts to challenge them should not be tolerated and encouraged. The country is now polarised to some extent and that should be curtailed to have a harmonious society.
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    It is very difficult to go above emotions. Many people will have emotions and controlling them is very difficult. There are people who want to exploit this trait of people. If somebody says they like a particular caste, those caste's people try to encash the trait of that particular man for their benefit. The same is being done by many politicians also.
    There are people who will not get easily succumb to emotions. Such people will have a tough mind and soul. They can stand straight in any difficult situation also.
    It is always better to be away from emotions. We should have an open mind and with that, we have to analyse the issues and take the best way without any emotions.

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    Few of the things I couldn't get here in the thread. The author has referred to the "the Sabarimala temple issue" & ending with "We should strive only for communal harmony". The term "Communal" has got some meaning when involved with two different religions or belief system but I don't understand about the standalone subject "the Sabarimala temple issue" has got to do with the communal aspects.

    I would have appreciated the author much when the same had been discussed in general but sadly it's not the case.

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    Emotions make us real and sincere. If you constantly keep yourself in hand, you can feel like a robot that reacts to all situations equally. We are human beings and we must do things that are characteristic of our character or our feelings.

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