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    It is easy to preach a good life style but difficult to adopt it

    It is a well known fact that a balanced, disciplined and healthy life style is the key to the entry to the blissful path of journey of life.

    We tell others to follow this and many advisors and consultants will also do the same. The irony is that when it comes to us to follow the strict regime of observing good habits in life to achieve a healthy life style, we find it difficult to adhere to it and start finding one or other excuse to avoid or circumvent it.

    It is yet another case of easier to tell but difficult to perform syndrome and many of us really find it difficult to follow these strict regimes in life.

    What is your view on this? Do you feel the same way?
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    What is a good lifestyle? This varies from person to person. What is good for me may not be good for others. There may be some general beliefs about good lifestyle but with changing times the lifestyles are also changing. Any lifestyle which is not harmful to others and the society is acceptable. We are human beings and tend to do many things for fun and adventure. What is life without these two? A little bit of fun in the lifetime adds to the charm of life. The memories will give some pleasure in the later life and something to feel happy.
    Preaching is easier than practice. We may preach so many things but do not practice them. This does not disqualify a person from giving advice to others from his experience.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    What is a good lifestyle? The same question arises when I thought about it. If the good lifestyle may be in respect of health, money, education, learning tools we have with us, our state of mind, our surroundings, family, and friends. I believe the very good lifestyle of the blend of it and to make the balance of it a difficult to follow as observed by the author. We tend to give advice like here I and doing. but when come to achieve that standard in my life. I find it really difficult. We have left something behind. Buy with the hope of including in future.
    Well done is better than well said

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    As already pointed out in the above comments, life styles vary from person to person. Also there are several social connections to one's life style. The society expects many things from every person, and if one behaves differently lot of criticisms or comments will have to be faced.
    In our society, to a certain extent an individual's life style will have a connection to the particular community to which he belongs to. Similarly, the education level, the profession, the social status, etc. influence one's life style. Not only life style, the language one uses while conversing, the dress, etc. help us to identify a person's status. All these differences are not purposefully developed by the individual, but unknowingly copied from fellow workers. Such life styles will be followed by that person till the end.


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    The lifestyle varies from person to person. I may feel like spending some time daily in the temple as a way of a good lifestyle. But some people may not like to go to the temple. We can't say that their lifestyle is not good. I feel smoking is a not good habit. Many people may not accept it as they can't stop smoking.
    So as long as we are not creating any problem for others and we are not interfering with other's rights, we can say we are leading a good life. Helping others and doing good is individuals preference. If we say about these issues to somebody else while we don't follow that, nobody will appreciate and may not follow also.
    For anybody, there is no right to teach others without following. If you feel these are good first practice those traits on your own. Then if you feel others will care for your words, you try to tell them. But you do bad and ask others to do good is not acceptable to anybody these days.

    always confident

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    It's always easier to preach rather than applying it in our own life. It's like advising the patient to quit smoking while the doctor smokes on a regular basis. Health is always an important issue and it is desirable to follow a healthy lifestyle to stay healthy. Staying healthy means to consume healthy foods and to avoid junk foods. At times, because of the changes in our lifestyle, we cannot avoid junk foods knowing fully well it is unhealthy.

    We all know that physical exercise is good and keeps us fit but many do not exercise regularly. But during our discussion, we always tell others to eat healthy food and exercise on a regular basis. This affects children the most. For example, parents teach children to behave in a nice way but if the parents quarrel among themselves on a regular basis and misbehave with each other it is bound to affect the child. Therefore, our acts and lifestyle must be an example to the child so that the child can learn from observing rather than only listening to what we preach. If we want people to listen to us, then we must practice what we preach.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Each person has his own understanding of what a correct way of life is and I think that no one needs to impose his opinion on this matter.

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