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    What if you are about to die by tomorrow?

    This may seem philosophical but have you ever have thought about it? We got numerous needs & desires & responsibilities to get fulfilled & in order to get this whole done we all strive to continue with efforts & with lots of hurdles in our life to make it all possible. This whole we do with a thought that we might live a bit longer life before we finally go to sleep forever. But what if this deadline being confirmed by tomorrow or in a day or two? Would you still be continuing busy with your long & unfulfilled listings? Most of the spiritual leaders abide with this principle & follow the detachment from the worldly affairs or from the materialistic world.

    How do you see this in a frame or you find this as a useless talk & shouldn't be taken seriously?
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    If I know when will I die, I will try to be away from all my desires and aspirations and try to spend a happy time with my family members. We don't know where from we have come here and we don't know where we will go from here. Our family, friends and relatives will not come with us. We may not be able to recognise them in our next birth. So I plan my remaining life these people only. I am a God believer. Hence I do maximum prayers to give me a peaceful death. I will pray for the good of this society, my friends, my relatives in general and for my family member in particular. I will try to be away from all ill doings and other worldly issues. I tell my family members not to waste money for my rituals but use that money for the necessities of some needy people. In that way, I feel I am doing some service to the society. I will ask my family members to arrange for the donation of useful parts from my body to the needy. I will not go anywhere and I will be in my house, praying the God and spending my time with my wife, children and grandchildren.
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    Live like there's no tomorrow. If we follow this principle in our lives, I don't think we will ever experience attachment which is the root cause of miseries. When attachment gets removed and detachment is practiced, life becomes complete in itself. Throughout our lives, we overlook this simple principle and thereby we like getting attached to each and everything that passes by us. If we are given a deadline and we come to know that we are about to die by tomorrow, only then we uplift ourselves from the material attachments and rise to the higher level. Why wait for the deadline or some warning signs. We can make life much simpler and complete by following the simple principle.

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    An interesting supposition, though a bit fearful for many of us. The time of death is an unknown entity and we do not know about it and that is why we are so much involved in materialistic indulgences for ourselves as well as for our family. If, as author has conjectured, the time of demise is known beforehand the whole scenario of human thinking and ideology will shift from materialistic to spiritual and philosophical sides.

    This is the uncertainty and unknown timings of the death that has created all sort of planning and provisioning not only for our present but also for the unknown and unseen future. Even a person on the death bed does not feel that he is going to leave this world soon. He is hopeful that like earlier similar situations where he was cured and came back to the normal life, this time also same thing is going to happen.

    That is the hope and belief which is keeping a person attached to his belongings and this world.

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    If I come to know I'm going to die tomorrow then I will check all my insurance policies and other investments and tell my wife about them so my family may get some funds after my death.

    Also, I will ask my friends and relatives to come to my home to see them last time. I know it's very painful to know when someone knows that he is going to die but no one can deny the destiny.


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    I dont know why people think knowing the day of their doom would cause them misery. If I came to know I am dying, I would be rather satisfied because the end wont be abrupt and uncalled. If I know I were to die tomorrow I would announce the news to every person I ever loved. Then grouping them in fives I will video chat with them. Some will never sleep because of me that day but they could be awake for a dying man. I would happily spend my last hours with everyone and when the time is near I will sleep. I will sleep with headphones on to escape others talking about me. If I overheard them I might end up tearing and it would create a scene. I would want my last day to be peaceful and complete.
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    I think death is the only unpredictable fact in our life. We may die the next moment or the next hour or later. No one can say that for sure. That is why even Doctors never say that one will die at such and such time even when a very critical patient is brought to them because the fact is that the doctor himself may die before attending to the patient. So, why worry about something about which we are not sure at all.

    I may be typing this response with the plan of posting the same at the earliest and I may die before I press the 'Submit' button. So many people, who were affected by some critical diseases and have been given just a few days or months of possibility by the doctors had gone on to live for so many more years and those who had no diseases had lost their lives due to different reasons.

    Life of others will carry on even if we are not there because they will then be concerned about how to go on with whatever life is left for them. As it is said, 'the show must go on'. Let us live our lives with all the happiness and worries and responsibilities and duties connected with it as long as we live and stop worrying about what will happen after that.

    Never expect death, but when it comes, we have no choice but to accept it!

    'Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance' - Confucious.

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