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    I used my Voting power today

    Today is the day of assembly elections in Telangana. Almost two months of hectic political activity in the state will come to an end with the completion of the voting process today. As usual, the election started in the morning in at 7 AM. About 49% voting is completed by 1 PM. Except for a few incidents, the whole process so far is peaceful. I have gone to the voting booth which is very near to my house and voted by 9 AM. All other 5 voters in my family also completed their voting.
    The counting of votes will take place on 11th of this month and judgement of the people will be there in the EVMs by 5 in the evening.
    Many complaints are there about the removal of names of some voters. Many people are going back without voting as their names are missing in the list. I hope all the other members of ISC from Telangana voted today.
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    I thank the author for this wonderful job with a feeling that others too will understand the importance of this & will vote for the right candidate. However this brings us with a confidence that we still are hopeful of something good may take place irrespective of many drawbacks & miseries due to cheap practices being followed in the Indian politics.

    I again congratulate the author for bringing up with this good news.

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    It's good to know that the author has exercised his franchise in the morning. Actually, today is the last day of polling that began on 12th November 2018 in 5 states. While election in 3 states has been completed earlier, today the elections are held in Rajasthan and Telangana. We need to wait till 11th December to know the final outcome and these elections in the 5 states can be termed as the semi-final before the 2019 general elections.

    Deletion of names from the voters' list is a cause of concern and might have happened because of the inattentiveness of the officials involved in the revision of the voters' list. Periodically, the voters' list is revised and the voters in a particular segment are given the slips containing the details of the voter. Though, in many places the slips are not circulated regularly, proper care must be taken by the officials during revision. Nobody would like to find her/his name removed from the voters' list and this is an embarrassing issue for any voter at the time of an election. I hope this issue should be brought to the notice of the state election commission and will be addressed in a proper way.


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    Congratulation Sir, for exercising the very powerful weapon of democracy. It's the right which everyone should exercise and fulfill one's duty by voting to a good candidate concern for the constituency and work for the betterment of the society at large. Yes, that was a hectic political carnival. There was news on all national news channel. I feel sad for the people who can not perform their right to vote. I want to advise such people to make an update of their name in the voter list in advance to avoid such a situation. We are all eagerly waiting for the 11 December the vote counting day.
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    I voted for first time today. The booth was full with very messy arrangement which costed us voters two hours. But when my turn came I came to know how fluidly the system works and in ten seconds my job was done. Telangana is being reigned over by uncrowned king KCR. His popularity is undoubtedly because he connects well with different classes of society. I don't know about other districts but Hyderabad has seen loads of improvement under his regime and his whole family is very charismatic and pragmatic. I have no issues if this is dynastic politics because KTR responds well in Twitter and tries to take immediate action. His whole family has its roots in politics and they are efficient in their work.
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    Yes, I too got to exercise my vote today. It was a smooth affair at the polling booth with not much rush. Unfortunately, just like in other places of Telangana, at our place too, many of the names were missing from the voter list. Many were thus disappointed not being able to exercise their vote. Wonder, why so many names were missing this time. Till the time the results are declared, we will be all waiting with anticipation to learn who will be forming the next government here.
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    In the democratic set up voting is not only our right but we must also exercise it to bring a good governance in the country.

    There are people who do not show interest in this process telling that it is a useless exercise but they do not know that if more and more people join the line of voters then it is going to be a more useful process.

    It is good that the author has brought out this nice thread to bring awareness in this regard.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My husband who did the duty of OPO in Sathupalli constituency in Khammam district. Nearly 93% polling was done in Sathupalli constituency. Most of the people came to the polling station were young ones who came from long distances. I casted my vote in SFS school in Madhira.

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