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    Do film songs have no meaning in other languages too?

    Tamil film songs used to be trendsetters, once upon a time. The late MGR had huge messages in his songs. Sivaji Ganesan, well known for his horrible overacting, still had many good songs to his credit. These songs had meaning.

    For the past twenty years or so, we hardly have any song that has any meaning. Most of the songs are absolute trash with no meaning at all. The so-called "item" numbers are particularly vulgar and are always shown with the hero dancing with a huge group of rowdies and unwanted elements, to a very loud beat. The song never registers in the mind.

    The last series of some good songs were from films directed by the late K. Balachandar, who made films that had a good message. His "Sindubhairavi", which was based on Carnatic music and a story of a leading musician, had some good melodies, and this was released over twenty years ago.

    At the age of 68, Rajnikant is still around. but his songs do not have much meaning. There is some odd song which is melodious.

    How about other languages like Hindi or Telugu? What are the reasons why film songs have reached this sorry state of affairs?
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    Many of the cinema songs are with a lot of importance to music than the words. So when you hear the songs, you will not get any clue about the words or meaning. But in some movies, we find equal importance to music as well as literature. A very good music combined with the good meaning will make a song memorable. In the Telugu language, no meaning songs were more in the 1990s and 2000s. But after that, there is a change and directors like K. Visvanath tried their best to bring good songs which will have both good tunes and good lyrics. As a matter of fact, some of the movies these days are giving first priority to lyrics of the songs and then the tunes which will suit the language are considered.
    The present trend is very good and it should continue in the coming days. Then the people will like the movie's songs more and they will show a good response to these movies.

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    Well, I find Hindi film songs still have lots of meanings and there are good music directors too. Nowadays, because of lots of musical instruments the voice of the singer, at times, becomes muted and remains less highlighted. These days, there are lots of changes all around which is visible in the movie industry also and people have become much faster.

    It is not possible to brand something good or bad universally and it always depends on the individual. Now, we see movies are made on various topics and they are getting all-round acclamation. There may be few songs in a movie that has not much meaning in it, but the complete storyline of any movie is very important. With a change in lifestyle, the meaning of life is also changing to some people and its reflection in movies is very natural. When we have to deal with so many things in life, sometimes we become confused to find out the meaning of everything.


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    Hindi songs too to a large extent have lost the meaning. Now and then a few songs with good lyrics do hit the market. However, lots of songs are meaningless and they do fall into the most likable category. Not only lyrics, music and singing too have lost the importance. All the good singers are shown the back door and those who do not even know how to sing are rocking the music industry. As far as music is concerned, all that matters today is the number of beats they are putting in it. The soul and the essence have lost to a great extent.

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    A film song has two distinct parts. One is the music or melody and second is lyric. There was a time when both mattered to the listeners and the success of the song depended on both of these parts.

    Unfortunately the trend changed drastically and the songs were made only for commercial considerations rather then to evoke the subtle sentiments and soft feelings in the human beings.

    I am listening to some old songs only because of the tremendous combination of music and lyric. You enjoy each line in its entirety. They are still as fabulous as at the time of their introduction in the film world. Earlier we were listening to the music. It was an activity confined to audio only. Today we are listening it along with seeing the video which may or may not have any relevance to it. This culture has filtered down from the western sources depicting their free society.

    As I conceive, both parts are required to be excellent for a good composition. There are some music pieces which by itself are enjoyable. They do not require a lyric to be added to them. Similarly there are some good lyrics which bed one successful not only in ordinary tunes but in other different tunes like Gazal, Poem, Folk etc.

    I remember long back in 1970s or so a music tune from the English movie 'Come September' became very famous world wide. Many countries copied it and mixed their lyric in it. We also did it in our film industry but that song died soon. It did not become hit as was expected by the copycats.

    So a good song must have a good tune and a good lyric if it has to survive in long run.

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    We often feel that music in our era sucks. This is a phenomenon is music or life in general. We tend to compare present with past to scale development. For all those people who are saying that present songs are meaningless and old songs were gold, I have a few mentions for them to look at.
    "eena mina dika" is a pretty old song and a whole verse is filled with nonsensical syllables in that song. There are many such nonsensical songs in every age. You might say that the frequency of such songs has increased in present day. But present day songs quit using yodels and "la la" and "na nas". This gives more lyrics to songs, meaningless or otherwise. That being said I absolutely hate current music too. In fact one of my very first posts in this website was saying "I don't belong to this generation" because I listen to old songs a lot. But that just sounds cheesy to me now as I have grown up. Maybe it is way too hard for writers to come up with some original lyrics and music. Or maybe you just have not explored enough. New music styles comprise of EDMs and Hip Hop mostly which sound very displeasing to our years and both these genres focus on rhythm than the lyrics. But there are still some speckles of gold here. And some musicians really make good soothing music. They are just very rare.

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    I don't think there is a point in trying to compare old songs with the new ones simply because the new films are different from the old ones. In the olden days, the story played an important role and most of the films were based on families but things are different now. Today the films are basically based on some incidents in the life and hence the storyline is very thin. Moreover, life has become faster and the present generation likes faster numbers. They are not much bothered about the lyrics and are more interested in the rhythm and beats of the song.

    Let us not forget that most of the old songs still have a large audience only because of their lyrics and the melodious tunes they carried. Just watch some music-based reality shows and you will be surprised to find that most of the contestants, including the younger lot, choose old songs. That is due to the depth in the lyrics and also the music. I agree with Aditya when he say that there were songs the lyrics of which had no or very less meaning in the past too, and that is why I said that songs are basically connected to the storyline and the way a film is made. We do get to listen to some good songs with beautiful lyrics today also.

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