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    Tread cautiously while posting questions or replies to various online platforms

    A few days earlier it was Quora then something unusual happened on Facebook too. On Friday, 30th November'18, personal data of around 100 million Quora users were hacked. Though it doesn't have much sensitive information barring the name, email address and the actions of upvoting and downvoting, it's a serious breach. Quora is a popular question-answer website and when you have your original name and email address registered there, there is a possibility that people who hacked user data gained access to the names and email addresses of users who replied to or asked sensitive questions. Those who posted or replied as 'anonymous', are safe in the sense that the website doesn't store information of anonymous users. The investigation is still on and we hope to get further details after the completion of the findings.

    Many users have faced the login issue in Facebook and they had to take help of the 'Recover Account' option after they were logged out suddenly. This is a dangerous trend in the sense that two very popular platforms were affected in quick succession. Though accounts of Facebook users' were not hacked, this sudden change in its behavior is raising many eyebrows. We are aware of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica controversy and there are many undercover operations going on throughout the world. When intolerance is growing, journalists and bloggers are killed, it's a request to everybody to tread cautiously while posting or replying to sensitive issues.
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    This is true. We should be very cautious. We should not give any personal details in the social media. Once we give our personal email address there is a chance they may hack the mails and get some information. The information given by the author about Facebook is known. But regarding Quora I never heard about this. We should not go personal and we should be very balanced in posting our posts on various social media sites. Anyhow posting sensitive information on social media is never advisable.
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