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    Why is impatience so horrible a problem now?

    Are into a vicious cycle of impatience becoming the worst ever disease affecting most Indians?

    The top notch professionals from the best of IIMs and the ISB want to get one crore salaries within five years. While this may be a lofty goal, which is healthy, being ruthless in the rat race and almost devoid of every possible good human emotion like listening to sane advise of elders, is becoming a huge problem. For these guys, Swiggy and other such apps are a way of life. That they spoil their health so quickly is a fact of life.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the impatience on Indian roads, almost everywhere, one is afraid, is becoming a big problem. Parents want their seven year girl child to become a Bharathanatiyam expert!!

    The list is endless. Where will all this madness take us? Or, should we shrugg our shoulders and keep moving with the times? To what end, all this impatience?
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    True. The aspirations are becoming very high. Mankind is becoming greedy. All want to have every comfort available in the world. Nobody wants to work hard but wants returns more than their efforts. They want to be second to none. Really this is a mad rush only.
    The parents want to see a poet, dancer, scientist, singer and sportsperson in their only child. They want their child to be on the top of every list. This attitude is becoming very dangerous. Sometimes it is leaving a negative impact on the children and losing everything.
    The young people in the pursuit of their wishes never think of health and the words of elders. They will not have any time to take care of their health or a few seconds to spend with their parents. Ultimately what is happening. Is anyone while leaving this world taking away all their earnings.
    I feel there should be a limit for aspirations also and we should think of spending some happy moments with our elders and we should see the capabilities of the children and should give them a proper guidance and see that they will be on the right path.

    always confident

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    Impatience is a trait which many of us possess and most of the times it brings harm rather then any gain in life.

    It is the root cause of many of our worries and associated ailments. It makes the stress level of a person unnecessarily rising at times. This is the evil which has to be tamed if we want to bring peace and tranquility in our life.

    Aspirations and ambitions have no limit and one can have them as high as possible. Being impatience to realize them is an error leading to many setbacks and failures in our life. Prudent people are not impatience. They know that nothing can be obtained in hurried attempts. Life is a long and slow journey and it take time to get the fruits of your efforts.

    Many people do a very good preparation and acquire a lot of knowledge, GK and English language proficiency for appearing in some top notch exam but due to various reasons they do not qualify and feel that they have done all those efforts in vain. It is not so. When they join a job elsewhere then they find that they are a bit different from others there only due to their hard work for that erstwhile exam preparation. This eventually benefits them in terms of quick promotion and recognition in the industrial or commercial circles paving way for better jobs elsewhere.

    So let us not lose our patience and learning will never go waste.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Many people are becoming crazy and that is the main problem. Aspirations are always good, everybody must have aspirations in life. But craziness is of no use. It is shortlived and makes people anxious. Staying focused is very important in life and a child should be taught to practice concentration. Everybody must have the idea of their own limitations and set the goals accordingly.

    The traits of a child must be found during her/his schooldays and have to be groomed accordingly. There is a tendency among many parents to think that their wards are best in everything and they cannot come second in any competition. This creates pressure on the kids as well as the parents also suffer from agony.

    Another important factor is the analysis of one's need. We do not want everything in our life but require some specific things. For example, we can eat a certain amount of food. If we take every eatable item in a huge quantity in our plate during any party, we won't be able to eat all and a large portion of the food will be wasted. The same thing is applicable in our life. There is no point in keeping the room stacked with furniture with a little space to move around. It will become uncomfortable and there may be a chance to trip over if we do not remain careful all the time. We need to analyze things patiently and stop becoming crazy.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    We all want instant results and have started hating everything that is moving at the slow pace. We hate waiting and thereby gradually have inclined towards the art of impatience. When we opt for instant results, we are in turn agreeing to pay a price. The gratification that is coming to us very instantly is making us hardcore impatient. The cruel but interesting thing is that we are loving it. There are many reasons for becoming impatient. Those who embrace anger very quickly and those whose attention span is less will have a tendency to become impatient frequently. The only remedy to get rid of impatience is to slow down a little bit. Calm down and compose yourself instead of trying to conquer the world vigorously and impatiently.

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    We live in the 21st century, the era of the Internet and mobile phones, we used to learn everything through the network, communicate, register in a queue and even buy things on the Internet, so when something keeps us waiting we don't tolerate it

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