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    Why all of a sudden my Adsense account stopped showing "Hosted Account"?

    I have an adsense account which I got through ISC. I got my adsense account around 2 year 9 month back. Previously, it was showing as "Hosted Account" in red colour at the top right corner.
    But for the past 2-3 days, I am not seeing the "Hosted Account" display. It is showing nothing in place of it. I don't have any running websites with me and I have never applied for Fully Activated adsense account through any website. What could be the reason for stopping of the display of
    "Hosted Account"?
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    According to the latest announcement from the Google, , even full adsense account holder can no longer add new websites for showing Google ads automatically. Instead, the new website should be submitted for approval again (site approval only). So the site should comply with adsense policy. This is to prevent the abuse of the adsense system as there are so many new websites not following the adsense policy.
    In this connection, hosted adsense account holder has already this restriction and they can't use any other new websites except hosted sites like ISC, blogger blogspot sites, etc. So there is no sense in having hosted account as full adsense account is now almost equal to hosted account. I have contacted another hosted account holder and he too noticed that hosted label has been removed in his account. And in my account which is full adsense account, a new label 'managed account' is displayed in red. So Google may be trying to do some changes based on their latest announcement given in the link above. But there is no official announcement for this label issue from Google and we may expect it very soon. I will update here if Google makes fresh announcement regarding hosted and non-hosted account.


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    Thanks Jebaprincy for the clarification.

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    Where did you see the label "Managed Account" on your Adsense dashboard? I can't see any.

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    See in the upper right corner. Attached the screenshot below.


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