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    Have you discovered 4th Monkey?

    At a sudden, a thought came across my mind while passing from a bus stop where college students, working young men and ladies all are waiting for the bus. I remembered the teaching in the school where I have learned about three monkeys of Mahatma Gandhi teaching us a lesson. Don't See evil, don't say evil and don't hear evil. Now the people who were waiting on the bus stop were following forth one the rule Don't talk to Neighbour or a strange person. This rule getting popularity because of the technology say "Smartphone". Most of the persons busy in their mobile and not interested to have conservation.

    Do we become that forth monkey busy on mobile screen? What you say on this social connectivity trait.
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    Gandhiji advised not to see evil, not to hear evil and not to say evil. The 4th monkey should say that not do evil. But this monkey explained by the author is a different monkey altogether. This 4th monkey says don't care anything in the world excepting it. See me, hear me, talk with me and do everything with me is the message that one gets from the smartphones. Not only in the bus stops but also in the families also members will be busy with their phones. They don't care about anything else except timepass on phones. This is common in many houses these days. Wife on phone, husband on phone and children on phones.
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    A nice post by the author comparing the people with monkeys busy with smartphones and not interested in talking to each other. The simile is correct to some extent but is differing from Mahatma Gandhi's monkeys in the sense that this indulgence is not giving any moral lesson to the humanity.

    The addiction of smartphones is leading to a world of isolation and indifference to the surrounding world and also indifference to what is happening there.

    Today when many seniors gather in the park near my society, we discuss many things happening in the country in political and social areas and also the issues and problems in our area which we have to bring to the notice of the civic authorities and things like that. This is possible today because many of us not addicted to our smartphones and use them occasionally. The old generation is more comfortable with the desktop and laptop rather than a mobile.

    Tomorrow when the present generation reaches that stage of going to the park for morning walks the scenario may be drastically different as after a few rounds they will sit on separate benches busy with the social media and hilarious videos.

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    You are creative. But talking to strangers depend not on your smartphone. It depends on your rate of introversion. I do talk with strangers if they are around my age. Introverts were always there. Smartphones just facilitate them more. Do not share evil should be the monkey's name. When we have world at our fingertips we must be much more concerned and responsible. I maintain different mails for different purposes to escape any major losses I may incur because of hackers. I also never share information haphazardly, before checking the sources. Therefore I am following the fourth monkey along with other three.
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    The 4th monkey is that one who never thinks of the other 3 monkeys of Gandhiji. It's true and the scenario is the same at almost any gathering. Whether it's a bus stoppage or inside a bus, we will find many busy with their mobile devices. It would be interesting to see what those 3 monkeys will do after finding us busy with mobile devices all the time. I think they will become influenced and sit along with us to watch the interesting happenings. I find talking to neighbors and strangers very interesting and it helps to open up your mind. Maybe, people nowadays are so disturbed with the outside world that they try to stay aloof by plugging in those earphones and tapping on the screens.

    Actually, it's a form of meditation where all your concentration is fixed to a certain device. You can call it Mobile Meditation. During meditation people forgets everything, they remain uninfluenced for a certain period. I find a similarity between these two. People are meditating with the help of a device where all the happenings around them fail to break the concentration.


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    The fourth monkey attitude depends on our perspective and attitude how we take it. Either positive or negative or we can say we should have a blend of both thought. We should follow the 4th monkey as do not share or do evil, but We should develop the social attitude which can add value to our life. It will be a real connectivity better than social media connectivity.
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