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Had fun playing the dual role of interviewer and interviewee? Now it is time to congratulate the winners!
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    Dual role interview contest - winners

    We were happy to have received 14 entries for the dual role interview contest. Frankly, the jury panel of editors found many of the entries not up to the mark and hence there was little competition for the winning prizes. However, this was the first time we were conducting the interview concept theme and we are sure there will be good improvement the next time round.

    The winner of the top prize of a cash award of Rs.200/- is Soundharya. Other than relevant questions and very apt answers, her entry beautifully brought out the importance of conservation and brought in the gender aspect, too. It was considered the best entry of the lot by all the panel members.

    The second prize winners are Umesh and Sankalan Bhattacharya. They each win a cash award or Rs.150/-. The entry by Umesh was extremely creative and original and the importance of exploration of oil for self-sufficiency was a very good touch. The entry by Sankalan had a wonderful, eye-grabbing title which immediately perks your interest. Overall a nice interview with good questions and answers.
    [Umesh - one main error in your entry was the word apprehended instead of apprehensive. Please take care to re-check henceforth the correct vocab.]

    A consolation prize of Rs100/- is being awarded to Aditya Mohan. Another creative entry which perked us up. The answers were interesting, but the questions could have been far more concise. Brownie points for the introductory start to the interview - well done, there! An improvement in English could get you a podium finish for sure next time round.

    Other valid entries may be given enhanced points and cc too in a few days. Thanks for the enthusiastic participation. If members are keen, we can have a similar contest again so let us know in a response to this thread and we will schedule one at a later date. Don't forget to join us to congratulate the winners as well!
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    Congratulations to all the winners of the contest. I appreciate the selection. Really the contest is good and many members participated. Hope if we continue this type of contests it will be good for the participants. I hope all the winners will continue their good work and win many more prizes in the coming days. I hope ISC may schedule one or two this type of contests in the near future. Thanks to the ISC for such competitions to encourage the members.
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    Congratulations to all the winner. The contest was very brainstorming and it gives a boost to our creativity. I was keen to participate in the contest but missed it. I request and recommended to have one more round of it. All the participant appreciate your entries to the contest. All have tried well.
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    Congratulations to all the winners and it was about how creative you are. Awards are provided for the unique and creative threads. Hope we have such contests in future too.

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    I congratulate all the prize winners in the Dual role interview contest. I also appreciate all other participants.
    Though I could not participate(due to my other preoccupations), I am eager to participate and welcome such type of contests in future also.

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    Thank you all for your best wishes.

    My congratulations to the winners of the top prize and the consolation prize and also to my co-winner of the second prize. My best wishes for all the other participants of the Dual role interview contest.

    It was a good contest and there were many interesting entries. I liked this contest and wish that more such will be arranged in the coming days. I hope the next contest would be much more interesting with a greater participation.


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    Congratulations to each and every winner. It was an interesting contest and I enjoyed participating in it. Hope there will be such type of contest again!

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    Congratulations winners. This was a very fun competition. I wish this is held again and again. Thanks Vandana. Your advices are duly noted. Will try better next time.
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    I thank ISC for my award and I have also taken the note of the comment of the Managing Editor regarding the word 'apprehended'.

    I take this opportunity to congratulate the other winners. This was a new type of contest and gave us opportunity to present our creative skills.

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    Congratulations to all the dual role interview contest winners.

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    Congratulations to Soundhraya the winner of this contest and I too personally feel her presentation was very nice and apt. My appreciation to Umesh, Sankalan and Aditya on winning the other prizes. I do agree with the views expressed by the ME about the other entries and we could have done better. Even my own contribution made me to smile but ended up with a satisfaction of participating the contest. Cheers up next time!

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    Hearty congratulations to Soundharya, the winner of the contest, Umesh and Sankalan, the 2nd prize winners and Aditya, the consolation prize winner!
    Hope all the winners and other participants will take due note of the points suggested by the ME as the person who conducted the contest. I was preparing to participate but could not due to network problems.

    The cash rewards and points to the winners have been credited.

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    Congratulations, all the winners and good work others. Went through all the interviews. Enjoyed going through them.
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    I would like to congratulate all of you for participating in the interview. I was not for long days here so that's I missed this opportunity but better chance next time
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