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    Suggesting on app for ISC

    Recently, I found another website related writing articles and content on forums has an app. Using an app from Google playstore, we regularly approach through mobile to be active on the app. My suggestion is to ISC that it is good if ISC has an app for regular posting content on it.
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    We all are so familiar with smart devices and different apps, it becomes much comfortable to do things with apps. Though there are many apps to correct spelling and grammar, for writing articles using the small screen of the mobile may be very difficult. For reading any info and making small comments, a small mobile device is comfortable. But when it comes to preparing and posting an article, I think you may feel much comfortable doing it with a computer/laptop.

    Anyway, I find the suggestion interesting and let's see what other members and the editors are thinking about it.


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    Regarding this point there was a discussion earlier also and what I understand is ISC is not for having a App. ISC is a site to people who wanted to learn also. It is very difficult for people to read articles on a small screen. At the same time posting on this small screen is also very difficult. Once you have posted, getting editing done on this small screen is also a very difficult proposal. So I feel App for ISC may not be advisable and also not very useful.
    We have to see the opinions of other members of ISC. But the administration of this channel will also has to work out about this. The opinion of the webmaster and other decision making authorities is important.

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    I dont think ISC should have any problem with designing an app. But it probably won't because when you create an app you get the capital back by the number of downloads. With its active members in 100s, it is definitely not an effective investment at all. And once an app is designed and downloaded further revenue is generated by update. But that would require ISC to maintain a large development team, again, is not efficient.
    Screens and other stuff can be set according to our wish with an app much easier actually. Once ISC gets more than some 10k active participants the app can be considered.

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    Oh I forgot one more crucial thing. ISC won't get any money from web traffic and ads if it diverts all of its members the app. Which is definitely not worth it. The apps will always get ads too. And users always opt for no-ad feature. This would mean that ISC have to launch a premium version to just break even. But that would be against ISC policies. Many members won't use the app eventually because of ads disturbing.
    Apps are very convenient when it comes to writing as they can save your posts. This happens only in article section of ISC as of now. But if an app of ISC comes up it must have this save as draft mode that would be really useful.

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