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    Do not underestimate the power of your own “Vehicle no-11”

    Transportation is so important in our life. We not only want to travel from one place the other but we also want to do it in the shortest time. Different modes of transport like car, bus, train, flight etc have become an indispensable part of our lives. But imagine the situation where these modes of transport betray us. We must have often faced the situations where we do not find a bus or cab, our car breaks down etc. These are the situations where we feel helpless and at such times our Vehicle no 11 comes to our rescue. God has gifted Vehicle no 11 to everyone and it is nothing but our 2 legs as when standing they look like number 11.

    You get down at the bus stop and want to reach your nearby home, you use your legs. There is no lift and you need to climb the stairs, again your legs come to your rescue. Narrow lanes or pathways where no vehicle can go, your legs can still carry you.

    Though your vehicle no 11 is slow it cannot be underestimated. It can take you to places where other vehicles cannot. In addition, it does not consume fuel and pollute the air and adds to your health if you use it regularly. Sometimes we do not tend to value it which is very sad.

    Do not underestimate the power of your vehicle no 11- your two legs.
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    What a coincidence. This is thread is really amazing to my thread on apophenia and mostly raised at the same time(only small difference in time of raising) where I have also mentioned about this 11 along with other patterns and also it is the best example of pariedolia where one has to visualize legs as 11. There is one more thing to visualize also, if we see the photo of World trade center twin towers as it is not existed now, as 11. Also, everyone knows the fatal of this twin towers.

    Also a small correction in the last line, you have to include 'do not'.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I like to use my Vehicle no 11 very much. This thread reminds me of my school days when few of my friends used this term to describe how they came to school. When I heard the term for the first time I didn't understand the meaning clearly. I remember, I asked one of my friends on a rainy day that how he came to school. He replied that he came by Vehicle no 11. Later on, he explained me the meaning and after that it became a common term among our friends.

    Whatever mode of transport we use in our daily life, this vehicle is always important and used at the very beginning. Whether you are boarding a bus or a flight, you need to use Vehicle no 11 at the beginning to make a movement. To keep yourself fit, you need to use this vehicle at a stretch for quite sometime daily. Inside our house, only this vehicle is allowed. So we must take care of this vehicle and keep using regularly to reach all important milestones.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Vehicle No. 11 is the most gifted thing the humans have got. We have underestimated it as we have become habitual of availing various means of transport but it is still as powerful as it was.

    During the human evolution, the biggest leap was the transformation from earlier primitive species to the 'Homo Erectus' where the humans started to stand upright and began to use the two legs for walking, running and jumping.

    The power of two legs came into existence with that transformation and today it is continuing.

    Let us not idle them and unknowingly and unintentionally help them to evolve in a degrading direction.

    Many people have a habit of walking at least 5-6 km per day. Such persons will not find any problem in walking across the town in case of non availability of conveyance.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In Tamil and Malayalam, the vehicle no.11 is known as Natarajan. Nata means walk, Rajan means King. So, walking is a vehicle that is used by us. If someone asks "How did you come?" the response would be "By Natarajan service".

    It is a God gifted permanent vehicle to us. The name of vehicle No. 11 is " Natarajan or Nataraj"

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    I am listening about the vehicle no.11 as the first. Generally, when I saw this thread, I expected that vehicle no.11 as an app for transportation in cities. But, this one is available at every place. It is very fortunate to humans to have such a vehicle gifted by God. Generally, I prefer to use this vehicle on steps to use lift.

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    Vehicle No: 11 is very important for a human being. Whatever way of transportation you use, without Vehicle No: 11 it is not possible to complete your journey. You can travel without a bus, car, train, flight or anything else, but it is very difficult without Vehicle no:11. This vehicle No: 11 was used very frequently during my childhood days. When anybody asks about our mode of travel to school we used to say No: 11.
    This is a boon to mankind given by God. You can reach any place using this vehicle. It may take more time but not impossible. Using them frequently is good for our health. As mentioned by the author it is true that there will not be any pollution.
    Early morning walking will give us good health and peace of mind. So people should always use this vehicle as much as possible so that they will have good health and peace of mind.

    always confident

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    I prefer to drive my own car, it helps me to keep up everywhere both work and personal businesses.

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