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    Why sometimes we spend more time discussing about others?

    We often say that we do not have time and we have so many things to do and handle in life but ironically sometimes we end up discussing and gossiping endlessly about others rather than our own self. We try to analyze what others are doing, why they are doing, what they should do and what they shouldn't, where are they going and why etc. Sometimes we spend more time discussing about others rather than our own self. Where does the time come from then?

    Actually its all about habit and mindset. There will be some people who will always be interested to talk about and interfere with other's affairs but will not mind their own business. They tend to point out and discuss others mistakes but will not look into their own.

    Actually talking about others and analyzing them will not change anything. People will always do what they want to do. Why should we then waste our valuable time and energy into this? Same time could be constructively used to do the things which are for our own betterment.

    There are so many things to sort out and work on in each individual's life so better to mind your own business and let others handle their own.
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    A good thread to remind us to concentrate on our own work. It's true that there are people who always like to discuss about others. It's their habit and they do it everywhere. They continue this every time and I think, get enough pleasure by discussing others' affairs. Nowadays when everybody is so busy and finding it difficult to manage things in time, discussing about others' life is really surprising. It seems either those people have enough time or they are not serious in their work.

    Analyzing another person's way of doing things is important when the person is in trouble and need our help, otherwise, there is no point in discussing and criticizing his way of doing things. In a day, the time is limited. For each work, there is a deadline. Therefore, we must concentrate to utilize our time rather than unnecessarily interfering with oters' activities.


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    These days it has become very normal to discuss the other people when two meets. When two friends meet, they discuss the behaviour of a common friend for both of them. They analyse and try to find fault with others. Everybody knows that discussing the third party is of no use and it will not have any impact on the behaviour of that person. If you are having a real concern about your friend, you should talk to him directly and tell him where he has to get corrected himself. That will help the person to correct himself or he can defend his action and tell you the reasons behind. But discussing in his absence is of no use. It is better always to mind our own business and try to have our own analysis and make amendments wherever required.
    Mainly this happens many times in offices and works place. Many times we see people discussing their boss or colleague. This is never advisable and we should refrain ourselves from such practices.

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    It is a fact that, in general, the topic of the conversation between two or more friends will be about other friends who are not in the group at that time. Poking our nose into others affairs is a general attitude. Every one of us think we are perfect, the mistakes are with others.
    In fact this is a very common thing almost in every society. Social groups or political parties try to find out the mistakes of opposition groups, forgetting the internal conflicts. "We are perfect, but not others". This is the motto. Even if someone point out the mistakes, it will be simply neglected.


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    Whether it is a good habit or bad one, it is a human trait to talk about the others. I have seen very few persons in my life who do not talk about others but talk on some common subject of knowledge or other matters.

    Interestingly if you do not talk about others you will not be a very likable and acceptable person in the groups. People who talk about others in a spicy and exaggerated ways are always welcomed in the gossip groups.

    It may be a sheer wastage of time but many people are passing their time by such indulgences.

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    It is a natural tendency to talk about others. Only thing is we should refrain from backbiting which is not a healthy thing.
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    I think it's a bad habit to discuss strangers, why spend so much time discussing someone?! I believe everybody has more interesting topics to talk about)

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    For each and everything, we need a third person. There is no life without a third person. Take an example of a person working in an office. He has a boss and co-workers. After returning from office, there would be some discussion about their boss and co-workers. How long a husband and wife discuss their own affairs! We can discuss about our relatives, friends and neighbours. It is a way of life on this earth.
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