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    Apophenia and pareidolia can be fun. Have you ever experienced them?

    Today morning, I woke up to a call from one of my aunts that one of my nephews has been blessed with a baby. As usual, my mind immediately went across to the date pattern as today is palindrome date with the format of d/mm/yy (81218) and I tried to interpret it with the combination of life path number and destiny number by reducing it to single digits for date number and the whole date numbers.

    Then on surfing, I got these two terms, which are relatively new to me, which means deducing certain random patterns as being meaningful. In the above example, if I draw some conclusions based on the date but which may not be directly related to the birth of the child, then it is apophenia. Apophenia is most of the time equated with arriving at some defective conclusions, but it can also be amusement if we don't take it seriously.

    Similarly, if the visual pattern is interpreted as some unrelated image then it is pareidolia. And even if this mostly related to unusual things, we can take it as an amusement like by seeing faces or other images in the clouds or even in water bodies. It can be enjoyed the same way as we enjoy magic shows because we enjoy them well knowing that they are not real.

    There is another thing with audio also wherein mere lip movement can be interpreted to understand the probable speech or sound. I have enjoyed a scene in one Tamil movie, 'Nanum Rowdi thaan', where the heroine has a hearing problem due to some shock and she understands what others are saying by observing their lip movement. The hero makes fun of her by saying some mischievous things and she cleverly tells beautiful words which are very well suited to the lip movement.

    Members, please come up with your experiences about apophenia or pareidolia and how you enjoyed the same?
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    Apophenia and pareidolia (which is actually a form of apophenia) are actually considered to be experiences that psychotic people encounter. But as you have rightly said, people who are normal can also give it a try just for fun and since you are aware that you are trying it out intentionally you need not be worried too. I did Google it out after reading this thread to get more details and realized that I have been indeed trying these out so many times as a matter of interest. Though I felt a bit worried initially, your thought of taking it as fun has calmed me.
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    These days we hear many times that while doing havan some shape of God is seen in the flame of Havan. Many people keep these pictures also in Social media. I think this is nothing but pareidolia only. In the same way, seeing a dragon in clouds and the face of an animal in the moon are also examples for this. Pareidolia can be referred to the experience of seeing and believing that random things are non-random. A good example of this seeing water in a desert.
    In villages during my childhood, I used to hear about ghosts and demons. Some people used to say that they have seen a God and some people used to behave as if some person who already died is entered into them. I think this behaviour of people will also fall under this class only.

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    Hope more members post their experiences of this kind and thanks @Saji Ganesh and Srinivasa Rao.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    I think many of us are amusing ourselves sometimes by doing these strange things and considering and understanding them as some psychic manifestation of our mind.

    As I was not knowing these two words which express such specific behaviour, I did not know then what to call them.

    That is the beauty of a language that there are words which define very specific human behaviour and indulgences.

    I thank the author for posting these two less known words and explaining their meaning in a clear way.

    Knowledge is power.

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