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    We got many answers to our queries, but how much we realized?

    We ask lots of questions. We crave for knowledge throughout our life and ask questions to anybody we find suitable. It began since our childhood when we started to ask questions to our parents. At that time many questions were irrelevant to adults but meaningful to a child. Later, after growing up we started to realize many things and found many answers ourselves. During our school/college days, we asked many things to our teachers and got clarifications. Nowadays, we take the help of Google to find many answers.

    With answers to all our queries, we start to realize things. Realization of things is a bit different from getting only the answers. Few things need to be realized and then only we will be able to look at the deeper aspects of life. For example, we all know that pollution is harmful. Even a child knows pollution causes lots of health hazards. But only with the realization of the actual harmful effects, we start to follow all the rules in place to curb pollution. Likewise, when we realize that being violent cause more harm than any good, only then we tend to calm down and look for some alternatives. Mere answers to our queries may not solve problems, we need to realize them in order to get positive results.
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    The thing is we take everything lightly. We know pollution is harmful, using plastic is the cause of pollution but still, we do it. Getting the answer to our query is different and accepting the answer is different.

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    You are right sir. Knowing answers to questions are not enough for getting knowledge. Knowledge is nothing but practice whatever known. Every person has answers to the questions faced in his life. For that, some are practiced by them and some are retained as only answers. A chain smoker knows smoking is injurious to health. But it could not be practiced by him.

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    It is that once we experience the issue, we will understand it better. We all know that sugar is sweet in taste. But unless otherwise, you experience the taste by having it a little on your tongue, you will not know what is exactly the meaning of sweetness. People will remember the issues when they suffer or experience the issue than hearing from somebody else.
    We all know the problem regarding the usage of AC during summer. It will pollute the atmosphere and cause problems. All know this. But how many of us stop using this AC. All drivers know that talking on a phone while driving a vehicle is dangerous. But they will not stop that. But when he was caught hold by a police and paid the fine, then only he understands the necessity clearly. Like this, we can give many examples. Anyhow anticipating the problems and being proactive is always advisable.

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