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    How much pampering is actually needed?

    They get into the car, raise the windows and switch ON the AC. They venture out with umbrella even if its mildly sunny. They always order mineral water at restaurant. Slightest of pollution and dust and their masks are on. Even if child is slightly hurt or ill they are not sent to school.
    All these instances do raise a question in our mind that "How much pampering is actually needed?". Is over pampering a good thing? Is overprotectiveness more of a bane than boon?

    If we observe we will find that poor people who are not fortunate enough to pamper themselves do not fall sick even if they drink tap water, get wet in rain, eat less etc. I do not mean to say that normal middle class or upper class people should also do the same. It is quite understandable that there will be some amount of pampering always as per the standard of living of people. So rich people tend to pamper themselves the most while poor people the least.

    There is no harm in pampering and comfortable ourselves to the acceptable limit. But the problem is over pampering. It makes us weak from within and healthwise it reduces our immunity. For example a person used to mineral water will likely to fall ill if he starts taking normal water. A person used to AC environment will get sun stroke more easily compared to others. Another drawback of over pampering is that we get used to it and face hard time without it. Imagine what will happen if a situation arises where we do not have financial capacity to pamper ourselves? We will get drowned in our own dug well.

    So pampering is needed sometimes but by all means over pampering is injurious to us.
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    Excess of everything is bad similar to that over pampering is also bad and may ruin the kid. When you satisfy every need of a kid that will ruin the child. I would state its wrong child parenting that somebody purchases the most recent gadgets,games to his or her kid just to satisfy his child. By doing it we are spoiling our child as it's not essential to fulfilling every demand of the child.

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    Anything more than required is dangerous. Same is the case with pampering the child also. My brother used to give boiled and cooled water only to his son always. Now by any chance, he drinks ordinary water, within no time he will have the problem of cold. I told my brother as the boy is growing we should slowly make him take ordinary water. Then only he can take any water outside.
    Like this these days the parents giving undue care towards their children. It is not good for the kid. The child will become very sensitive and any small deviation will tell more on the health. Not only with respect to health but also with behaviour and discipline also we should be careful and we should not make them get a feeling that we are caring them more than required.

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    Excessive custody and protection of the child is of course not correct, but there are children who are born with a weak immunity and such an attitude towards them is simply necessary

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