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    Why do we always undermine the importance of psychology in our lives?

    We all know that in our education system, there is no importance given to psychology. Contrary to that most of the leaders read a lot of books on psychology and self-help which proves that it bolsters our productivity. So why is it not included in our course structure of the majority of the courses?
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    Psychology is the study related to people's behaviour, performance, and mental reactions under different conditions. It is the application of knowledge, which can be used to understand the attitude of the people and improve education, employment, and relationships. It will have the following benefits if it is included in the education at various levels.
    1. Psychology teaches to the people how to live with others by understanding them more and working with them.
    2. It will teach you not only about the general characteristics of human behaviour but also about the differences in the behaviours of various people.
    3. This subject will teach us to know how we can help others who are in a struggle and how we can make them have a normal life.
    4. This subject will help us to know human behaviour through the use of scientific methods.

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    Psychology is the branch that studies the mind in a scientific way. Understanding psychology is very important and for our every action there is a psychology behind it. Only about 5% of our mind is conscious which determines our actual presence of mind. A large part of the mind is unconscious and various thought process is continuously going on in our mind.

    It is very important to understand the psychology, especially when we face troubles in our life. At times we do certain things which we cannot explain ourselves and understanding the psychology greatly helps to understand the reasons behind such actions. Swami Vivekananda once said, "Psychology is, therefore, the science of sciences, without which all sciences and all other knowledge are worthless". Even errors have their own psychological explanations and during an emotional crisis, people at times go to psychologists or counselors for assistance.

    Psychology is a vast subject which people can always study while pursuing their graduation. We need to know certain things in our daily lives related to the psychology which may help us to understand certain human behaviors in a logical way. While there are so many important things that are not included in our basic course, understanding psychology requires a mature brain. When the brain is not fully developed, it is not possible to study it in a scientific way. However, importance must be given at each level of the courses in every education system to impart coping skills and the knowledge of different methods to avert a mental crisis.


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    A good thread bringing the element of psychology as a forum post for discussion.

    Psychology is an important subject as it is everywhere in our behaviour and our attitude to each other. This is an inbuilt attribute in our approach to the society and the world around us. The working of human mind is very complicated and strange and it is the Psychology which only can help us to understand and decipher it.

    Yes, Psychology should be included in our curriculum if not as a full fledged subject then at least a few chapters in the general studies.

    Everyone should learn some basic Psychology as it helps to understand the human behaviour in work place or even in homes.

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    As per our education syllabuses, till 10th we have the most basic of the studies & thereafter till 12th, the student can go ahead with what he feels good about & thereafter its about the interest about the student too which decides the further courses of actions. May be we were never taught of the importance of the psychology subject & that's why no one is so much passionate about this or because of a reason that since our childhood days we are competition of earning the subject which could improve the financial assistance during the later part of our life, we find this missing from the syllabuses. In respect to this we can read with the below link which might not be directly related with the subject matter but can give us some insight to our education system,

    What is the new rule regarding weight of the school bags?

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