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    What do our ISC poll predictors say about the possible winners of the recent assembly polls?

    In another 48 hours, we are going to have the poll decision 2018 of the voters of Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh , Mizoram and Telangana. All these state assemblies have gone for polls in different phases which concluded on 7th of this month. These elections are considered as the Semi-finals for Loksabha general election 2019.

    Various News channels have telecasted their poll predictions soon after the end of the final phase of the poll on 7th at 5 PM. As per these predictions, there is a clear victory signal for the Congress in Rajasthan while the state of Telangana seems to be in favour of TRS. The fate of BJP is hanging in balance in MP and Chattisgarh and it appears they may retain power with just half way mark or may fall short of majority. Mizoram may choose MNF to rule their state.

    We have good number of debtors here who are no way inferior to the poll predictors because of their experience and observations. So, What do our ISC poll predictors say about the possible winners of the recent assembly polls?
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    There is a change in the Poll predictions of Telangana. The very well known political leader of AP has given his predictions and now after getting the full polling percentages of polled votes, there is a change in the predictions. Many south based news agencies say that Congress is going to form the government. BJP may win up to 7 seats. So the betting is very high on Congress locally here. But when we talk to people separately many people say they have voted for TRS. TRS and Congress are very confident about their victory.
    Coming to other 4 states Rajasthan is going to be in the hands of Congress. But in MP and Chattisgarh, BJP will form the government. MNF is going to win in Mizoram.
    The popularity of BJP appears to be reduced when compared to 2014. Same is the case with TRS in Telangana.

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    Within the next few hours, the counting will start. From all the exit polls, it seems the BJP is walking on a tightrope. Though exit polls at times go wrong, but in many places people, in general, are not much happy with the BJP government. Although many of them are lauding their digital initiative, the overall performance is not satisfactory to many.

    Considering all these, I think there will be a hung assembly in Rajasthan, Chattisgarh and MP. While TRS has an edge in Telangana and hopefully is going to form the government there, in Mizoram MNF will be the winner.


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    Now, this thread is a peculiar one. According to my opinion, chances to win is in favor of TRS are more but it is regarding exit polls. In actual, the result is going to come in the next few hours. There will be the adjustment of the majority to TRS may be varied. But, ultimately there is tough and right competition between two main parties in Telangana. Wait and see, what will be happened in the next few hours.

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    Exit polls are only an indication of people's sentiment in a locality and may not decipher a clear cut prediction out of it. Still many people belive the poll predictions to a first approximation.

    BJP has undoubtedly emerged in the last elections as a leading party at the National level and it may still be able to garner that honour but at state level the regional poltics is much dominating and slowly BJP may lose more control at state level.

    So the state results will not be at all surprising even if BJP loses there. States are now very much concious of their independent existence as much as possible inside the present democratic set up of our country.

    State politics is going to be more prominent in the coming times as that will be the only way to snatch and hold power for non BJP as well as local parties like TRS in Telangana and MNF in Mizoram.

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