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    We should accept the fact that we don't get everything we wish in life.

    We all make a decent attempt to achieve what we aim in life by putting our effort however once in a while despite putting our endeavours we don't get the ideal outcomes.

    What would it be advisable for us to do in such a case?

    Would it be advisable for us to quite or would it be a good idea to try next time by changing our methodology to get the ideal outcome next time?

    In my case, I don't quit working and make a decent attempt until I reach close to my aim. Shouldn't something be said about such individuals who leave the things in halfway and change their minds?

    We should not surrender as we must understand that occasionally we don't get all that we wish in our life.
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    It is true that all we desire may not be realised. But we should not get disheartened for the failures. We should analyse the conditions and try to understand where we have gone in the wrong direction and we should correct ourselves and give a try again. Without understanding the reason for the failure, trying, again and again, is of no use. As far as I am concerned when I want to do something, I will make a plan and I follow that. In between, I will be reviewing the progress and if I feel some amendments are required I do that. Even after trying a number of times sometimes we may not get the desired result. It is all in the game and we should digest it. Then only you can concentrate on another issue.
    But my strong opinion is the stronger the desire you have to be successful, the higher the chances of winning the goal. We should also be practical in choosing our works.

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    We are not always successful and at times though we work very hard, success eludes us. It's a part of our lives and we have to accept it and think positively. For every failure, we need to analyze things thoroughly, we need to find out what went wrong and then only we will be able to rectify it. Quitting midway is very impractical, winners never quit.

    If we compare this with sports, we will find that for every loss the team members analyze their faults and rectify them in their next game. No team member or the captain quits after losing a game. There will be losers and winners in every game and no team can remain a loser all the time. To become successful, everybody has to try and while trying if all the process of the particular work is not followed then there are high chances of failure.

    While we must analyze the reasons for failure, we should analyze our success also. Surrendering means we are accepting that we cannot go further, which is very detrimental for our progress. Therefore, we should make a proper plan before executing any work and must follow the process of doing that in a proper way. If we do not get the desired results, then we need to look into each step to find out what went wrong. We need to pursue our dreams and must have the determination to succeed.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    It is very true that we must do efforts to achieve our objectives but it sometimes happens that everyone is not so fortunate. There are many factors which decide our success in the life. Competition is one such thing. If there are 100 vacancies and 20000 candidates apply for it and there are top 2000 candidates who have done same effort and are having almost same level of knowledge then 1900 will be rejected due to the then existing situation.

    Many times situations are not in our hand and efforts become meaningless.

    Here the ideogy in our religious scripture Bhagwat Gita can help us where the main mantra is - Continue doing efforts without expecting the results.

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    This is the life principle that author has put in the thread. Trying, again and again, has been suggested by many after failure but should know the point where we have to stop and act for another plan. Perhaps the thing you are trying is not for you or it doesn't suit your aptitude. So act for the things which suit your aptitude. This decision-making capacity will develop by various life experience like a failure, discontent even after getting for what we worked for. many of us have thought of dream life. Not all come true but the part of it. We can't get 100% for what we are striving. Some or many things left behind. But after all fife philosophy, the show must go on. What we can do is, Enjoy the journey rather capturing the target. If your journey is full of enjoyment and satisfaction you can get your approximate target.
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    There is no denying the fact that no one has got the life as the perfect life but in someway or the other each one of us are bound to make negotiations with the limited choices that we are allocated with. Although this is understood but again with get mixed up with the materialistic aspects of life & forget everything else & as a result we tend to face the dualities of life & then either we are sad or feel lonely even in a mob.

    What I feel important is that along with materialistic life, the philosophical aspect of life should also be considered or else we are always going to be in dilemma with finding ourselves in nowhere.

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    Yes you are right sometimes we don't get everything in our life I would the one thing which we want it immensely we wish but unfortunately we would not able to get our wish .i know it's very disappoint us and make feel very bad but we have to accept the things that it's our world it's the world that has the remote control from the God who will decide which should be ours without God command in this world there one leave cannot shake so it's totally God wish.
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