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    Race Against The clock

    One Monday morning, I woke up to realize that I was very late for a very important meeting. I have a habit of reading the editorial section of "The Hindu" every morning and try to analyse the topic in my mind for about 15 minutes. It is a unique sort of meditation technique which I believe works for me perfectly.

    That day, since I was already running late I couldn't read the newspaper and while preparing my breakfast, out of curiosity, I just read the title of the primary editorial article which was "Against The Clock". One my way to the office, I tried to figure out the story behind the topic. Though I was sceptic about the actual content of the article and the meaning of the title, I was quite sure that the title happens to be an Idiom which I hadn't heard before. It looks like one of the easier idioms of the English language but it can be used in different scenarios when you do not have any idea of its actual meaning.

    On reaching the office, I realized that I had forgotten to bring the pen drive that had some very important information regarding the meeting. When I told it to my boss, he replied this happens when you race "Against the clock".I somehow managed and the meeting went fine but now I wanted even more to know the meaning of this phrase but again I was running late on time.
    Just after the meeting, I had to meet an old friend of mine at a coffee house a few kilometres away from my office. I reached the coffee house an hour late and the first words that my friend uttered on seeing me were "Why you are always against the clock". I laughed out loud for a moment to realize the meaning of this phrase and the irony of me not knowing the phrase and still executing it to the perfection for all the wrong reasons.
    That day I realized, Idioms are not just the mere parts of speech, they happen to be adjectives of our lives.
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    Good. The author explained the phrase with good examples. Running against the time is being used by many people when the time is short and we have many things to do. When the examination is coming near the students run against the time to complete the subject portions. When we are late to the railway station we say we are running against time to reach the train. Like this, we use this phrase many times in our day to day affairs. I like the way of narration of the story by the author.
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    I am glad that you liked it and thank you so much for your valuable insights on the topic.

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    Nicely clarified the expression by the author. It happens with most of us as being just 24 hours in a day we don't organize our work because of which our work doesn't get completed on time. We should plan our work and should do the time management as it is likely that we commit a mistake to do things in haste.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A good thread showing the importance of time in our life. We are many times become the victim of our laziness and suffer because of this.

    The irony is that we waste our time in insignificant things but hurry up when we have to work patiently. This spoils the whole time management in our life.

    In many families I am seeing that in the morning time the children get ready for school but invariably get delayed in the process and then they run towards the school bus point. In that hurry they sometimes stumble down also. Anyway children are children, they have yet to learn the ways of time management but what about us, we are doing same mistake of hurried actions in the times when they are required least.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The concept has been nicely explained & even though a bit lengthy but my curiosity continued till the end of the story. Well conceptualized & well presented.

    This being the case with each one us but while the matter has been communicated by different individuals & in many different ways which clarifies the whole story or the incidences at once. Few other examples could be related to, when we are doing comparison in order to prove something. For example if someone says that, "I am behaving like a dumb person", than this could mean that I am not cautious about my work or in other way I am not concentrated.

    There could be many more examples but however interesting thread by the author.

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