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    Asking for some advice from the members

    I am new to this website and want to know how I can contribute. I am in class 12th right now. I am a website developer. Know about WordPress, SEO, Digital Marketing, Dropshipping, and many more things related to IT.

    I want to know from the already existing members how I can contribute so that I can benefit as quickly as possible. Therefore I have given information about my qualification. I have read all the post on this website under the help section. I want to earn so that I can make a developer console account so that I can upload my apps and games on the play store. Lastly, I have a nice typing speed of 50 wpm. I hope this much information will help you by recommending me something.

    Hoping for some quick replies.
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    Welcome to this site and with the skills you possess as mentioned by you in your post, you are at the right place.

    This is a big site and you might have taken a tour of it and seen the various features here. You can start by posting some interesting posts in the forum section and start a discussion here. Please remember it is basically an educational and knowledge sharing site so try to be near that objective as far as possible though you are at a liberty to start a discussion on political, social or other miscellaneous matters. Refrain from personal comments and unsolicited personal advice from your side and enjoy the healthy atmosphere here.

    Though there are many avenues here but you can begin with Article Section, Ask Experts Section, Information on Schools, Colleges, Exams, Question Papers etc and responding to articles written by other members.

    ISC has a strict policy against copying of material to and fro it's site and one has to submit one's own compositions here.

    You can submit articles in your core area and you will be getting points as well as cash credits for them from 20 to 120 or even more depending upon the quality. You can go through some articles here to get a feel of that.

    In the Ask Expert section, you can answer the relevant questions and get some points as well as cash credit from 1 to 12 or even more if the quality and coverage is good. You can even ask your questions here which were puzzling you so long and experts here will try to answer them.

    In the forum section, you will, in general, get some points only in the range 1 to 5 for each post as well as the response you make. Every week some outstanding threads get an award of 40 to 60 points as well as same cash credits.

    Besides this, there are some contests coming up time to time where members can participate and compete to get cash awards in the range of 50 to 200.

    Every month there is award of Rs 500 for the star of the month and Rs 100 to Rs 250 for super contributors and wizard of the month in the different sections.

    So join in and let us share our knowledge with each other.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Welcome to the site.

    It is good that you have already checked the help section where you might have got the answers to your most of the questions.

    In my knowledge, it's good if you write articles in your skilled area as that's the best way to earn from this site. Also, AE section where you will get CC for your answers whereas in the forum section you won't get cc for all of your threads or responses. Only the selected ones are given cc by the editors. There is TOW award every week and other awards and contest to participate here to earn money. They announce superstars, wizards every month and give money for it. If one works hard here he or she can earn well from this site. Also at the end of the month, they share the revenue for the top 20 members.


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    Welcome to you to this site. I hope you have read the above two responses which are very informative and useful. Already you have mentioned that you have seen all the help topics. Now I think you have a good knowledge about this site.
    Start your journey on this site starting with a thread in the forum section and participate in forum section by discussing the points about already posted threads. Please remember you shouldn't respond to the threads which are older than 10 days. That means any posts in forum section posted on or before 30th Nov 2018 should not be attempted for answering.
    Articles, Ask Experts section also you can go through. Once you are comfortable in the forum section you can go to the other sections and start contributing there also. I wish you a happy and fruitful journey on this excellent site Indiastidychannel. All the best to you.

    always confident

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    Welcome to ISC. It is suggested that you go through the Help Topics again and understand the site's rules clearly. Your first article itself was copied, which is a major violation. You should also not submit schools which are already in our database as duplicates will be deleted. Please use the search boxes - there is one on the top right side and one within the schools' section itself - to first find out whether or not the school is already submitted by other members.

    It is advisable that before you even begin actual submissions in any section, you should check out approved posts of other members. This will give you a general idea of how to submit your own posts properly. Please spend some time reading the Sectionwise FAQs and know, too, the posting limits of certain sections.

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