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    I have a Doubt Regarding Adsense

    how can i make adsense account with ISC
    and when i will fill the form then on what basis adsense will approve me , will it see the post that i have written on this website .

    I already have a adsense account up and running which is pin verified. can I use that account?

    if I got my adsense approved from this website then can i use it for other websites like blogger or my own website ?

    will that adsense account will be hosted or non-hosted ?

    Will that will be a normal adsense account or will it come with some limitations if , yes then what are they

    how many minimum post should i write before applying for adsense ( i know you have to first become gold member first to apply for adsense ) .

    Hoping for some quick replies
    please ignore any typos that I might have made
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    Please refer Help topic on Google AdSense and How to earn from ISC. You may come back here if your doubts still persists.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    You can refer blogs or take Digital Marketing Expert advise.

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