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    The practice test section is very poor

    I just checked the practice test section of this website and found that the level of questions are very poor. the questions are very easy and not even enough for board level . as I am myself preparing for IIT i dont think If any of the aspirant will use this section and even if they do they will never use it again. this can result in huge traffic loss from this website and can be the reason of high bounce rate. You should check other websites like

    Thats just a advice and in no way mean to harm somebody.
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    The problem is the section is meant for central intermediate board. You cannot expect specialized topics in it. The questions are outdated that much I agree but they are more for polishing purpose than to assist you in exams. Yes I do agree work must be done on this section but that would require members to actively post questions which is not very pragmatic. Let's see how it goes.
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