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    Tomorrow's counting fire in Telangana

    Tomorrow, counting of votes is in Telangana. TRS and People front are in a tug of war about who will win in this elections. Both parties express confidence on victory in these elections. Moreover, TRS and people front are both feel it is a prestigious issue to obtain the government in their hands
    We have to see which one raises its hand in these elections?
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    I don't know that tomorrow is the election in talagana thanks to you to inform us it's very helpful to everyone. I am also looking forward for election this year because this is my first voting .
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    Yes. Tomorrow the suspense will be over. Different opinions and different expectations. Some exit polls say that TRS will get the majority. Some exit polls say that Mahakootami will win. A lot of betting is going on. Today KCR met MIM and BJP local leaders for their support in case of a hung. BJP says they will support KCR from outside the government. MIM already promised support. Already discussions with independents who will stand a chance to win are in progress.
    Congress feels they will get enough majority to form the government. Anyhow there are different expectations from different people. Lagadapati has released a list of candidates who will win from each constituency. As per him, Congress is going to win around 62 seats.

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    The counting started in the morning. TRS is leading in many constituencies. All other parties are losing the seats which they won in 2014. Only TRS is getting more than 2014 elections. Congress is doing very bad. BJP is winning only in 2 or 3 places only. I think KCR or KTR may become the Chief Minister. I think the voters have not given importance for the family rule.
    The other states leads are in favour of Congress except in Mizoram. BJP is in second place only in these states. There is a change in the thinking of the voters in these states. But there is no change in Telangana.

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