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    What an extraordinary day- Dec 10, 2018!?

    India beat Australia in first Test on Australian soil in a decade.
    Then, RBI Governor Urjit Patel resigned citing personal reasons, and
    Now, a London court extradites Vijay Mallya to India.

    All this happened in a single day, i.e. on Dec 10, 2018. That is too much for a single day. Is there anything special about Dec 10, 2018, just wondering?
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    It is true. Many events on a single day.
    The BJP government's dealing with England government finally yielded a good result. Vijay Mallya will be back in India. I feel this is a good achievement of the central government. Congratulations to Modi lead government for this.
    The RBI governor resigned today stating personal reasons. But from the last one month, there are rumours that he may resign. The difference of opinions between the government and RBI might have lead to this situation.
    India has done well and won the test match for the first in the decade on their soil.
    Really a day to remember forever.

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    Indeed it's an extraordinary day. Congratulations to team India for their marvelous win on the Australian soil.

    All of us are aware of the recent disagreement between the RBI and the central government over certain issues and it is understood that Mr. Urjit Patel's resignation is related to it. Hope the reasons will become much clearer within the next few days.

    Vijay Mallya will be extradited if everything goes smoothly. Though Vijay Mallya got another 14 days to challenge this order, everybody is hopeful of getting him back to India. This is especially significant because of the coming general elections and if he returns within the next few months, it may well become an issue for the government during election campaigns. All these things happened just before the announcement of the election results in the 5 states which are touted as the semi-final before next years general elections.


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    yes, these all are really big events. Though I feel that the extradition of Vijay Mallya was always on the cards for the last few days as a lot of discussions are going on extradition rules from the last few days and a major outcome like this was not galvanic by any means.

    coming to the first Test Match of the "Border-Gavaskar" series at Adelaide Oval, India was firm favourites from the beginning. I was a bit shocked today at the malaise that India had to face to win this test match. I must say that it was an absolutely brilliant and determined effort by the Australian Lower order Batsmen.
    India will espouse this victory even more as they had to work an inch harder for it.

    The biggest news for me was the resignation of the governor of The Reserve Bank of India- Mr Urjit Patel. This news happens to be the most galvanic current affair of the day.

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    Yes, it appears that many things have happened on this day and still about an hour is left. Some days are like that - crowded with event.

    Now a days activities are in general on a rising trend. The political actions, sports, social media, international relations, business environment etc are buzzing with plans, execution and strategies. So any day you pick up a number of headlines will be there interesting as well as intriguing.

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    Yes, it was an extraordinary day.

    Extradition of Vijay Mallya was a good news and it's in news BJP president Amit Shah said that it will help PM Modi image as a corruption fighter.

    About resignation of RBI governor Modiji tweeted that he will be missed.

    It was an outstanding performance of the Indian cricket team which made the win the test match on Australian soil in a decade. That's was amazing.


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