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    Requested to all fellow members

    I am confused about some of the terms on this website. I hope senior members will help me clarify my doubt.
    What is --
    1. Cash for Information Updates ?
    where do we get it , How can we do it , How often are we paid for this , are we paid daily because i can see under the contribution tab of some members that they are getting cash rewards daily

    2. Cash for Forum Responses ?

    Please explain it in detail,what is it?
    And all sub questins as i have asked for question 1
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    Prakhar, it seems that you have not taken time to get to know this site. Please spare some time to read and understand all the Help Topics, the Posting Guidelines and also go through a few earlier posts in differents sections to get an idea about this site. That would help you greatly. All the best!
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    You have genuine doubts but do not be in a hurry as you can not acquaint with everything in one day. I am impressed with your speed and curiosity but remember - slowly and steadily wins the race.

    Anyway, to quench your thirst for the 'what is what' in this site I will like to tell you that when you give details about a school or college in 'school' section and give details about a village, city or district in 'My India' section then it comes under information update. There are many small things which you sometimes supplement to the information already given by someone and that is also information update. It takes some time to get permission for those postings and I am afraid that you may have to wait a bit for that.

    In general, you do not get any cash credit for forum post or forum responses until unless they are of outstanding nature so here you only accumulate points. These points are useful when you become one of the top 20 scoring members to be entitled for monthly revenue share bonus which can be anything ranging from Rs 100 to 1500 or even more depending on your relative contributions in a particular month.

    With time everything will be clear one by one and right now concentrate more on quality contributions in different sections.

    In the beginning do not go for quantity rather try for the quality to establish yourself here. ISC expects a minimum quality in the postings you do here and if you do not adhere to that you will be soon joining the league of forgotten members.

    This site has emphasis on sharing educational details and other knowledge elements with each other and does not boast big commercial gains. So, do not aspire to make big money here but working here in part time you can earn pocket money for yourself.

    So, go on patiently and all the best.

    Knowledge is power.

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    thank you Mr Umesh for spending your valuable time to answer my query

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