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    How important is the kitchen in our house?

    The kitchen in our house is a place which is always buzzing with activities. Right from the preparation of morning tea to bedtime milk for the grandparents, it goes through a long day before closing for a few hours in the night.

    Everyone in the house has great expectations from the kitchen. Some adore it for the sumptuous breakfast while others praise it for the tastier meals. Those who are very busy during weekdays look to it for special dishes on Sundays and other holidays.

    It is a very important place in our house but few people realize it and most of them take these activities in the kitchen casually. They only realize it when due to the illness of the housewife or absence of the servants the things go haywire and the members are forced to take outside food in the stalls or workplace canteens. Even one day in that condition looks like a long time.

    What is your view? How important our kitchen is?
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    Very true. The Kitchen in our house is very important. We always want the kitchen to be running. Then only we all will be happy and healthy. A homemade food is always the best food to upkeep our health. As long as the things go properly and if we get everything in time from the kitchen we will not understand the importance of the kitchen. But for any reason, if there is a delay only we will understand its importance.
    These days many people are of the opinion that why we should depend on the kitchen. Once in a while, it is OK. But every day, every time outside food will create health problems.
    The Kitchen plays a very important role. We can expect delicious food from the kitchen if the housewife is in good mood. So we all should concentrate on her and she will be in the right mood.

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    Kitchen is the most important place in our home and we all are always dependent on it for one thing or other.

    Only thing is there are some changes in this pattern if we compare it with the earlier times. Today, because of many housewives going for jobs, the food is coming from outside also. Use of readymade snacks is increasing and junk foods are replacing the grandmother's special snack preparations. In such scenarios the importance of the kitchen and it's utility is not being realised by us.

    Moreover the nuclear families are also not having that type and volume of activities as the joint famalies used to have.

    There is a paradigm shift in the ways we are using kitchen today as compared to earlier.

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    I look at it differently. A kitchen is just another segment of a home, equipped with different kitchen tools, white goods and appliances, into which we bring groceries and condiments and cook delicacies. A kitchen can well be an ornamental space in a home – I have visited many homes where that is what they are.

    A kitchen comes to life only when humans step into it, and create magic. Without the willing presence of someone in the kitchen, the kitchen is but just another room.

    Are we wrongly giving credit to a brick and mortar structure instead of the hands that prepare the morning teas and warm the bedtime milk? Think about it. Someone rises before everyone else, to set the water for the tea to boil. Someone washes, chops, kneads, stirs, fries, boils, bakes…to get the food on the table, before you get hungry or late for your schedule. Someone winds up the kitchen, after each day is done, while you rest, even though that someone may be exhausted and as tired as you. Someone spends hours cooking that sumptuous breakfast and tasty meals. Is it really the kitchen!

    Let's give credit where it is deserved.

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    A kitchen is very important in every household when it functions well but becomes dull, when the family members do not wish to cook. Be it for a man or a woman, a kitchen is a special place where you pour your love in preparing regular food or a special dish for the loved ones.
    There is another side to it that, in many families, the outside food is preferable than the food cooked in their own kitchen. So, in such cases, a kitchen is just a room with utensils around.
    In my home kitchen is very special, but honestly, sometimes it becomes a burden when there are unending chores to finish, and I need time for many other assignments to finish off. I am always happy when I complete kitchen work properly, but if it becomes exhaustive, then it irritates me.


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    Well, the importance of the kitchen is known to everyone.
    It is very hard to imagine our lives without a kitchen in our home because it is a basic necessity, as we can not live without food. We keep working all day long and our kitchen is one which gives us energy by the food that is prepared over there by one of our family members especially our lovely moms.
    Moreover, it is also a relaxing moment when we reach home after a long day and directly go to the kitchen so as to feel that freshness especially those who love eating.
    The kitchen is the pure place and hygienic too because we keep it clean as the food has to be prepared.
    The food we prepare in our kitchen is hygienic and healthy.
    The restaurant's kitchen is highly messy and unhygienic. No doubt their service is super classy but the food is not at all healthy.

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    This thread is worth discussing. In the responses mentions are there about the change in attitude towards kitchen, of late. There is a saying in Malayalam, meaning that "earlier, we get into the home for eating and we go out to the compound for defecating"; "but these days, we go out for eating and we go into the house for defecation".
    This statement indicates that the importance of kitchen is getting reduced these days. The present generation prefers outing in the evening and taking supper from hotels. Children and youth like the hotel preparations and go out for the same whenever they get a chance. In short the use of own kitchen become negligible.
    Earlier the closets were not made inside the house but will be outside the house but inside the compound, near a water source.
    In fact Kitchen is the most important place inside a house. Earlier when somebody wants to start house construction, an expert in the field of house construction , known as 'Thachu sasthra' , will be consulted. The expert first locates the place for digging the well and constructing the kitchen. Others follow based on the needs of the owner.


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    I bow to Sri.Sankaran for his golden quoting. I could read it only with humid eyes . One because of the satire in it, two due to the sad reality in it.

    Every construction is a brick and mortar structure. It becomes an office, home or worship place or toilet due to the way people use it. When we say home kitchen we generally mean it at as the place where cooking is done; where most essential ingredients for cooking are stored in a way to easily pick and use. As food is the first of the three basic necessities, kitchen being the place where food is prepared becomes the most important place in our home.

    In Ayurveda,as the foods and ingredients are the medicines themselves, kitchen becomes a pharmacy or clinic for home remedies too.

    The word 'home made food' or ' mother's recipe' shows how home food is considered important. The food cooked at home-that is in home kitchen- is not a commercial item. It is prepared with an extra ingredient of 'affection', and prayer mixed in it. There is no commercial expectation. What satisfies the person who cooks food in home kitchen -whether it is man or woman- is how the family members relish the food, whether it satiates their hunger and caters to their taste. Even if it is a paid servant, the home cooking is different from the commercial cooking.

    Whatever was available at home -which satisfied people then- are now sold and bought at places outside home and people buy them for a price. This is not just in case of food alone, but in personal relationship, personal comfort and personal entertainment.

    In a very popular restaurant in Matunga, Mumbai, there is a notice visible to the clients eating there:
    " The owner of this hotel also eats here.Our patrons can visit our kitchen any time during working hours." Is it not enough to explain the importance of kitchen, even in a hotel?

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    Supplementing my earlier comments above, a mention has to be made about another change these days. Eating is at home, but preparation is in a hotel. That means hotels are now making door delivery. Just contact a preferred hotel and order to bring home the interested food items, they deliver it within no time. On line payment can also be done.
    Still our kitchen is not made use of. It will be kept as a show piece, having all modern facilities such as microwave oven and such other amenities. In fact these days, lot of money is spent for kitchen alone.


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    I agree the kitchen is very important in our lives. Cooking also helps to relieve our stress. Sometimes, if we are stressed or feeling low and if we cook any simple but special dish that will make us feel great. And we definitely understand the value of the kitchen when a woman is sick and unable to cook. I am experiencing that exact same thing today. I am not well and it is difficult to manage even a small cup of coffee. But luckily my husband knows the basics of cooking and that helped.

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