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    I want to how I can withdraw money from ISC

    How I can withdraw money in IndiaStudyChannel and what the minimum payout will be? I want my seniors to answer my questions who are aware of these issues. How much my amount should be to withdraw the amount and how it will reach me? I mean to ask how do they give the payment? Please clear this doubt of mine.
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    Every month the webmasters will be announcing the payments for that month. The names of the members, amount and invoice number will be there on that list. Then we have to fill the invoice proforma and upload. Once you upload the invoice, ISC will process the same and money will be credited to your bank account. For the new members for the first time, their payment will be announced if they have a minimum of Rs.300/- in their credit. From the second time onwards the minimum amount will vary from time to time. It will be around 700 to 1000 rupees. You will get the information regarding invoice uploading in the help topics. You can just see that. For further details, I advise you to go through the following link.
    Instructions on how to get payment from

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    Syeda, all your doubts regarding payments can be cleared by going through this Help Topic. You may come back to this thread if you still have any doubts after reading the guidelines therein.
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    You can have answers to your query in the "help" section.

    Every month there is the announcement of the payment and unique invoice number is generated and you have to download the sample invoice wherein you have to fill the details like your name, bank name, ISFC code and other details and have to upload this invoice. The amount will be transferred to your bank account.


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