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    How fast are the superfast trains?

    I am startled at the findings of a report that describes how the Indian railways remain nonchalant about the late running of many superfast trains destined for New Delhi. A number of them moving to the national capital from different states of the country run behind the schedule and the average percentage of adhering to schedule for the past 3 months is around 20%. That means, for every 100 runs, the schedule is maintained in only 20 of them. The winter has just started, but this is going on for some time now even before the development of the foggy conditions in the northern parts of the country. Few of them like Howrah-Anand Vihar express has a really pathetic average and it is found that during the last 3 months it never ran in the schedule.

    Many trains were upgraded to the superfast category in recent times and for that, an additional levy of Rs.30-Rs.75 has been added to their fare, but their performance has never been up to the mark. The CAG has made serious observations in its report published in last July saying that many of the trains in the superfast category failed to achieve the average speed of 55 Km/hr. On the other hand, the trains which are passing through Gujarat or begin their journey from that state are maintaining their schedule on an average of 80% during the past 3 months. It seems the railways is capable enough to maintain the schedule but lack the will to implement it widely.

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    South central railway appears to be better in this respect. Recently I am travelling frequently and every time I am finding that the trains are reaching the destination well within the time. I experienced a maximum 15 minutes late only once out of 20 recent travels in the last 3 months. I feel it is a good improvement. Of course, I don't know about the other regions.
    The main problem we are facing in Secunderabad is rail will reach in time to the outer. But there it will wait for a long time for want of a platform. This problem is to be addressed,
    As mentioned by the author many trains are upgraded to Superfast class. But we are not finding much saving in time. I think railways are making them as SF Expresses for collecting high fares but not thinking about the facilities or speeds. Indian railways are making money like this only. Reservation charges, cancellation charges and SF train charges will go from our pocket without our notice. But those amounts are making big difference to railways.

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