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    Do you think today's results in 5 State elections will repeat in 2019 Parliament elections?

    The counting of votes in the 5 states where elections were conducted recently is in progress. Telangana has given a verdict completely in favour of TRS. Rajasthan is in congress's hand now. Chattisghar is a clean sweep for Congress. Mizoram is with MNF. In Madhya Pradesh Congress is expected to get the magic figure but BJP is almost behind. There is no much difference in the seats in this State.
    But it is a big win for Congress. BJP has lost completely. It should be an eye-opener for them. They should review their performance. It is high time. But some political pundits say that the voter's mentality will be different for assembly elections and parliament elections. When they elect MLA they will consider their local problems but they will keep the whole nation in mind when they vote for MP.
    I like to know the opinions of our ISC members on this aspect.
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    There is no doubt that Mr.Modi's BJP government lost its ground within 4.5 years. With this surge in the Semi-final like Assembly elections Congress party did creditably well i the heart of Hindi states where BJP is very strong. With no doubt Congress and along with its allies definitely win 2019 Parliament elections. The main reason for BJP debacle is the autocratic way of Modi's governance, not giving importance to welfare programs of the people, giving least respect to autonomous governing bodies and all the time looking GDP growth rate to improve his self image. I have suspected this type of change long back as we see the autocratic governance of Mr.Modi.

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    I think that this election may act as an adverse effect on BJP. But, the equations played by rival parties at the time of elections give much importance of victory in Parliament elections.

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    Yes, there is a high chance of the same being repeated in the 2019 general elections. In one of the threads, I predicted that excepting in Mizoram and Telangana, there will be a hung assembly in the other 3, though after the results it became clear that in those 3 states the Congress is going to form the government. Yesterday, after the news of the resignation of RBI governor, I was certain that the BJP will not be able to retain any of the states and that's why the prediction.

    In general, people are not much happy with the performance of the NDA government. There are many who are lauding their initiative for the digital push, but there is no improvement in the job scenario. I do agree that the parliamentary elections are different from the assembly elections, but the buzz is missing this time. During the previous parliamentary elections in 2014, many people were enthusiastic and discussing how Modi can change the face of India. The atmosphere was completely different at that time and people were tired of the corruption of the 2 successive UPA governments. This time that enthusiasm among the people is missing.

    People vote in the elections keeping many aspects in mind. Few of the ratings of different institutions can never show the real economic situation of the country. More people may be filing their income tax returns and many may have their own bank accounts, I agree that both these are signs of improvement, but the expenditure is equally increasing which is always a concern for the common man. Considering all these, it may be tough for the BJP to sail through in the coming elections though there is still around 6 months for the next elections and any recent major initiative can bring back some favors for them.


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    It is true that state politics is different than national politics so it is difficult to predict any thing for the 2019 elections after seeing the results of state elections.

    The affiliation and loyalty of public is a mysterious thing and when it will take turn is a matter of wild guess only.

    Knowledge is power.

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    My good wishes for the MODI led NDA government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

    #654745/Ramakrishna Kambhampati, I am now very much optimistic with a hope that all complaints of rest of the population who voted against the BJP would soon be settled as we have already witnessed in the states of Punjab & Karnataka.

    In addition, my personal feeling is that in we actual don't deserve such type of administration which although got the appreciation throughout world including the top institutions like the World Bank & IMF but being criticized on baseless allegations by the opposition parties. Its not the defeat of the Modi administration but the defeat of all such individuals who wants everything including entertainment on free of cost. Some day we will have to face our fates accordingly as per the contributions that we made & therefore chill out & enjoy.

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    I am in agreement with the opinion of Ved Prakash Anand. Many of the Indian people want easy money and free sops. They never bother about development. I hope Modi will understand the fact and go accordingly.
    always confident

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    This is the last opportunity BJP /NDA has been given to review, analyse and amend or take remedial measures for all the mistakes it was making the last four and half years. It has to shed its ego and overconfidence and work at grassroots level hand -in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder with ordinary people.

    The current results show that BJP/NDA has not learned any lesson from the till now defeats in state election or bye-elections.

    The backbone of the Modi support in 2014- the unbiased, politically unattached middle class youth- have now become disappointed and they are now coming to the belief that they were all betrayed by hollow promises.

    Though a defeat of the present set up is not good for the country at this juncture, the blame will rely squarely on BJP and its leadership if that happens.

    The central government leaders should come out with proper explanations to all the doubts in people's minds and come out of the stoic silence, outright denial and defiance they are now resorting to. That will stop rumours from gaining ground. That only will help the party and this country.

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    Mr.Ved Prakash and Dr.Rao, Do you think to intrude into the functioning of democratic autonomous institutions like CBI, Supreme Court, Judiciary, control over governors, arrogant behavior of PM, single man governance of the country, maintaining GDP figure is the only criteria for the government with no human facet in their governance. People like you may have good jobs with good salaries and you like to see various experiments conducted by your favorite BJP party at any cost. But people who struggle for their meals and their livelihood may not like to hear Hindutva, Ram Mandir, Patel Statue is necessary or not, religious chauvinism, changing names of ancient cities, bringing religious Hindu priests into politics etc. Do you think bringing these issues into public is the great achievements of BJP? Do you at least condemn these false acts of BJP even though you are true ideal followers of BJP? Moreover saying people's judgement poor and people of India are not mature enough to give a verdict against BJP is highly deplorable in democracy.
    Mr.Venkateswarian sir, Already it is high time for Mr.Modi to correct his wrong policies and his misrule. Even if any corrections were done by Mr.Modi as you expect there is no scope for BJP to see 2014 welcoming wave of Modi. Once the anti-wave starts and it becomes non-stoppable by the time 2019.

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    It is very much likely that the results of assembly elections to be repeated in the forthcoming general elections of 2019. The BJP has lost the opportunity it got in 2014. With the opposition parties getting united, the BJP stands very little chance and likely to lose.
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    What a great results. MP, Rajasthan, Chattisgarh won by Congress. Mr Rahul Gandhi showcased the mettle of his personality. Definitely these elections are reflection of 2019 election as well.

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    #654796/Ramakrishna Kambhampati, if acknowledging & respecting your religion is fraud than I will continue to accept such defeats in the future as well. Perhaps you haven't noticed that you don't have anything in context to your country that you feel proud of & hopefully that you never wants those reasons to get remind of but this is the way that you want your country to kept on scoring. In addition, I would also would like to wish that all complaints of rest of the population who voted against the BJP would soon be settled as we have already witnessed in the states of Punjab & Karnataka.

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    Mr Rama Krishna, I am very much tolerant of other religions. But I never like somebody downsizing and disrespecting my religion. There is nothing wrong with respecting the religion. For me my country and my religion are important. However, I wish BJP should lose elections in 2019. Let it happen and all the wishes of the public are fulfilled!
    always confident

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    Time is a big factor during any part of our life time & including to that of others & who knows that while you meet with some tragic incidence but instead of a helping hand you might be distinguished only after your identification of on the basis of the caste, community & religion because that's what the kind of secularism we have developed during the era of the Congress party with its alliance partners & surprisingly you might devoid of that much needed helping hand with the reason being that you doesn't come or belong to one of such categories. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!you are going good with paving the same path for the future or up-coming generations in which your dearest ones will also be a part of all those who we too love dearly & care for their well being.

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