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    The true friendship comes when the silence between two persons is comfortable

    Long back, I read this sentence somewhere in some reference but it remained in my mind as a nail in the wood.

    With time, I was able to understand the meaning of this beautifully coined sentence depicting the symptoms and appearances of a friendship especially when it is a real friendship where only caring for each other exists and no expectations are present in any side.

    Do you also perceive that message and depiction in that sentence? Does such a friendship exist?
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    Friendship is always an interesting chemistry between two people and true friendship always stays intact. Friendship is dependent on the understanding between the two. The more perfect the understanding is, the stronger is the friendship.

    Nonfulfilment of the expectations is the main cause of worry. So, if you do not have any expectations you will never think of its fulfillment or otherwise. But the problem is, we all have some expectations from the other. There are many instances, even people say in most of the cases, people continue a relationship for the fulfillment of certain expectations. When there is no chance of them being fulfilled, the problem begins. In our life, we find only a few relations where there are no expectations. We may find only a few very close friends who remain there as friends and come forward when we need them most.

    There are compulsions in all our lives and we need to understand that the other person also has compulsions. It may not be possible to be in touch on a regular basis, but when a perfect understanding is there the relationship remains intact. I would like to end with a sentence that I have heard long ago. It is, the best friends are those who have the perfect understanding of their differences.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    Yes, it is very much true. When you are with a good friend of your's, even silence does not create any barriers because both of you know why one is silent. And that is an important point, not only between friends but also when it comes to so many other relationships. One need not always talk to convey his feelings, only someone who understands him properly without any prejudices or expectations can read through his silence. So, allowing one to remain silent without putting up questions because you understand why he is silent is definitely an indicator of a true and sincere relationship.
    'Any fool can know. The point is to understand."- Albert Einstein

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    Expectations kill the relationship. When someone starts expecting things in return there starts a problem. If you are true friends then it is assumed that you may understand what your friend wants to say even he doesn't speak.

    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    A true friend can definitely understand the feelings of his friend. So he will never question him why he is silent. When there is a true understanding between two people definitely they will have a better relation. When one can read the silence of the other friend and acts according to the situation, we should say that they are good friends.
    If the chemistry of the persons match they will have a better relationship. In fact, many people say silence speaks louder than actual speech. This can be understood by a real friend only. A good presentation by the author.

    always confident

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    A friend in need is a friend indeed.
    Yeah, it's an obvious one. We all are familiar with this English expression but the meaning is in depth to understand.

    Most of us are in friendship but not in a true relationship.
    Two friends if our in silence it is not because of any grudge they might have held for each other but it is because they trust each other's silence.
    There is trust in silence that on need each one of then will stand up and without any expectation will help each other.
    Becoming someone's friend is easy but the difficulty comes when one has to maintain that friendship forever because life gives many reasons to break as well as many reasons to build and maintain relationship last long.
    Trying to maintain a harmonious relationship should be everyone's priority.

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    I believe that silence speaks volume. It is not required to talk incessantly with friends but sometimes just being together is a comfort. Suppose a friend does not like another friend's silence but still never leaves the friend clearly depicts that despite a difference in their nature, they are deeply connected. They don't enjoy time without each other. The friends can be of totally different nature and attitude, but if there is love deep inside their heart for each other then at every type of dissimilarities they will be together. Even silence will also strengthen their bond because sometimes too much speaking can become a headache for another. Understanding and care matter the most and not the behavioral pattern. The fact is that affection for each other breaks every barrier be it silence or otherwise.

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    Good friendship requires cordial and affectionate feelings with each otber. Any malice in the mind of one person is sufficient to spoil it.

    There is no place for ill feelings and negative attributes in friendship. It thrives on giving only and not expecting anything in return.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    Many friends here are silent and let us hope it be in comfortable zone !

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    I have a different take on this. A true friend is none other than someone whom we trust completely. We share our thoughts, the good, the bad and the ugly. Then your friend all of a sudden becomes silent and the reason is not known to you, yet your friendship may continue. But what would be the meaning of the silence when he/she is not ready to express with you and how would you rate it as true? For me, if my friend, whom I trust, maintains silence , I won't hesitate to find the reason. Otherwise, I am so sensitive that I would feel more by analyzing the reason for silence and feel comfortable only when the silence is broken by the other end. My perception may be wrong!

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    If the silence is comfortable for both then only the above axiom stands otherwise as you have rightly indicated - it is a matter of concern.

    Knowledge is power.

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