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    How to upload the invoice?

    Actually, I downloaded the invoice but I don't know how to upload and where to upload the same.
    As after filling all details like name, bank account number, IFSC etc., what has to be done.
    I just want to know the procedure regarding uploading.
    Keep your explanation simple as much as possible because in the help box too the details regarding uploading are not given.
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    When the cash payments are announced for a particular month, click on the link in the thread that mentions Cash Credits. If your name is there in the list, mentioning the Invoice#, click on the highlighted link just above the Invoice#. It will take you to a page containing your reward details. There you will find the amount under the heading Payments. The Invoice Id and Payment PIN will also be there. Just scroll down the page and you will find a small rectangular box, the image of which I have attached herewith, under the bold heading "Update payment status, post queries about this payment or upload invoice". Just below the box, you will find a tab Choose File. Now click on it and find the filled up invoice that you have already stored in your computer. After selection, click on the tab Add Details, highlighted in blue colour.

    In the rectangular box, you can mention your queries or can just intimate that you have uploaded the invoice. But unless and until your name is not there in the list, you won't be able to submit the invoice.

    For more details, check the thread Instructions on how to get payment from and hope it will clear all your doubts.


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