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    Let's talk about the Sentinelese

    Sentinelese are a tribe that live in North Sentinel island of Andaman islands. This tribe has had no contact with civilisation for approximately 30,000 years. They are said to be extremely violent to the intruders. Many times Sentinelese aimed their arrows at passing helicopters. They have shot down lost fishermen who happened to drift into their territory. We know very little of their culture and the island in which they live is conserved by Indian government. We are not supposed to come closer than 3 km from the island shore. In November 2018 John Allen Shau was killed by some Sentinelese as he tried to "declare Jesus" to them. This incident made Sentinelese a hot topic once again because last I heard about them was in 2004 as a child.
    But here's the thing. According to many surveys and studies, Sentinelese do not make fire. They have many similarities between the Jarawa and Onge tribes of Andaman. Although all three of these were initially hostile, now many Onge and Jarawa have dropped violent attacks towards foreigners.
    Here's the thing. Neither of these tribes were reported to have known the art of making fire. Modern humans migrated from Africa in waves. The Sentinelse and other above mentioned tribes are said to have come from Africa in canoes here. Sentinelese are known to bury their dead. The tribe's men and women never wear a clothing of any sort.
    So here is what disturbs me. Even human ancestors such as Homo Erectus could use fire. Many Southeast Asian tribes with who Sentinelese are grouped together can use fire too. Sentinelese can make tools, weapons, care for ill and bury their dead. They can even make boats that can row in shallow water. Could they have accomplished all of this without fire? That being said Sentinelese are said to preserve the fire that they collect from other sources. This means they know the usage but not the art of making fire. Their population amounts only to a couple hundreds.
    But they are by no means primitive or barbaric. They make good use of things that wash out on shores. Plastic bags for carry things. Iron pieces as arrow tips. Coconuts and bananas given by foreigners. We can clearly see evolution at work here.
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    There was a reference about them in some article or news item and I was simply thinking how it is possible in the modern age to live in such an isolation. After reading your detailed and exhaustive post, the things have become clearer.

    It is interesting to note that they are still living in ancient times if we compare their life style with the world outside them. It may be a difficult task to bring them in the main stream and that is why they are in a way being protected by the Govt from outsiders.

    Knowledge is power.

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    A good information about the Sentinelese. The author has given many details about these uncivilised people who stay in North Sentinel island of Andaman islands. Long back I heard something about these people. But more information is given here. It is very interesting to note that they don't know how to create a fire. Thanks to the author for good information.
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    This in addition to many other tribes are free from the growing modernization of the outside world & in many aspects this doesn't surprises me but still its good to know or imagine the different ways of life that existed so many years back. Its even a big thing that these still remained with its most natural phenomenon wherein we have the skies, land & beneath of the earth exploited like never before in the history of mankind.

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    This is quite interesting to know about a tribe still there in such a modern era.
    It is quite disturbing that this tribe do not know how to make a fire in spite of all other tasks they are able to perform.
    It would be interesting if I would get a chance to go there in person because I want to talk to those people and how they live, what's their lifestyle etc.
    But yeah, I know it is not possible as they would kill me if I'll make attempt to enter their territory.

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    An interesting thread where the author has described in details about the Sentinelese. At this time, when everybody is crazy to stay socially active, at least through different online platforms, and posting updates on a regular basis, these tribe doesn't want to stay in touch with the outside world. Many have tried to establish contacts with them, but they refused and never cooperated. It seems they have their own world and always protect their land from foreign invasion.

    It is quite surprising to know that they cannot make fire. Even before any civilization, human ancestors knew how to make fire. I do not know whether anybody has ever tried to drop a mobile device on their island, but if it is not done yet I think someone may try this experiment with a device that plays continuous high-quality videos. I know it would be very risky, but some way must be there to start experimentation with that tribe.


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