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    KCR is the next Chief Minister of Telangana

    In Telangana, the TRS party won more than two-thirds majority and they are going to form the government again. Today all the newly elected MLAs of TRS met and elected KCR as their leader. With this letter, he met the governor and handed over the same to him. After Telangana formation, this is the second assembly and KCR is going to be the Chief Minister for the 2nd term.
    Yesterday he conducted a press conference and thanked all the people of this State for casting votes in their favour. He wanted to participate in the campaign of AP elections next year to offer a return gift to AP CM Babu.
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    The picture was clear of about what political party was going t o come & therefore not surprised of the outcome. Hoping that due to clear majority this government would be able to fulfill the promises as promised before the election. Its a majority of the population & needs to get respected.

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    It is the popularity of KCR retained as CM. His welfare schemes such as Raithu bandu, Kalyana Laxmi, and others made the people see again as Chief Minister of Telangana. However, this time he has more chances to enter the assurances given to different people before elections in his manifesto.

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    It happened as usual. The TRS won the elections this time with a thumping majority and their leader KCR is sitting in the chair for his 2nd term. He is a very popular face in the region and because of his developmental schemes, people voted him to power again.

    The grand alliance led by the INC failed there and people of Telangana are expecting much more from KCR this time. I wish him all the best and hope he will be able to keep up with the promises that he made during election campaigns.


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