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    Doubt regarding points and earnings

    I want to ask that do points get converted into money?
    For an example: Suppose I have earned 50 points does it mean I have earned 50 rupees?

    I don't understand the relation between points and money.

    When will be I able to convert my points to earning?

    One more thing, daily payments are announced, what is that?
    Because I have seen that people have earned money with zero point also.
    I didn't get this.
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    No points are converted into the cash credits.

    Daily payment is not announced here. Points have the significance as they are accumulated in the month and the top 20 members on the basis of accumulated points get the revenue bonus at the end of the month.

    Daily payments I think you saw may be in the lobby where the cc of each member is updated that's when the member updates it from the option on the desktop.

    For more clarification read "help" section and the threads on the front page.

    Where did you saw a person with zero points earned money?


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    Points and earnings are quite different. For example, you have posted this thread and got 4 points. You have not received any cash credits for this post and hence your earning is 0 though you have got 4 points. When you are posting very good quality and thought-provoking threads, you will get cash credits for those posts and it will be mentioned (within brackets) just beside the points in that particular post.

    When you are posting articles written in your own words on different topics under the relevant section, you will receive cash credits depending on the quality of the articles. Other than that there are different competitions going on all the time and the awardees receive cash credits. Therefore, you can earn points from all the posts if they are adhering to the posting guidelines but you earn money from those posts only which are of good qualities and error free.

    For more detailed information regarding earnings, please look into this article How to Earn Online at India Study Channel which will clarify all your doubts.


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    ISC is a big site having many sections and activities and it is managed under certain rules, regulations and policies and inspite of help section the newcomers here have sometimes some genuine doubts in their mind which are required to be resolved.

    When I joined this site, I also read the help section many times and sought the help of fellow members.

    For example in our times computer awareness was not much as that was an emerging area so when I wanted to link my post from one place of ISC to other section or location, I had to learn basic html which may be like learning alphabet for you new generation people but it took me a few days to learn it.

    Anyway, I will take this opportunity to clear the doubts in your mind in respect of points and cc.

    Whatever you post in various sections of ISC, if it is not against the policies, you get some points for it in appreciation of your good contributions. The points will be depending upon your quality of the content.

    In forum section points are generally restricted in the range 1 - 5 only but if you have posted something of good quality or outstanding nature you can find more points there along with some cc. For an exclaimatory short comment like 'Thank you Sir' or 'OK. I understand, thanks' you may get only a zero point. It is nothing to worry. Please remember and note that for offensive or policy violations posts negative points are also very common. Of course we all refrain from such things.

    Whatever points you gather in ISC they will go on cumulating in your account and make you eligible for upgradation from Bronze to Gold and then Gold to Diamond level and then to Platinum level membership. Points will not be converted to cc.

    Many places, you earn cc also along with points like Article section, Ask Experts section, Job section, My India section, Information regarding Schools and Colleges, Photo submission etc.

    These cc are also cumulated in your name and when reach a predetermined level like say 600 or 800 which you can yourself fix in the payment management page, then time to time they will reflect in the announcement in forum section for cash payment and then you can find the further details there itself.

    So points and cc are entirely two different entities going on parallely to each other.

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    The points you are earning will be useful for getting monthly cash rewards. ISC will distribute Rs.10,000/- every month to top contributors for the site. This top 20 members will be decided by the points they obtained during the month. The webmaster has a method of calculation for this. The details of the calculation methodology I don't know exactly. But what I think is the points obtained by the individual divided by the total points earned by the top 20 members that month will be a fraction. That multiplied with 10000 will be the amount that individual will get for that month.
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