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    How do you measure the success of a person?

    Most of us think that a person who has money, property, cars, bank balance is successful but I have a different thinking. I believe money is not the only parameter to measure a person's success. Here are a few things by which we can measure success in my opinion.

    ~ Trust and honesty: When someone is deprived of something desired, its tough to be honest at that time. There are few people who keep their head cool and remain honest. They are likely to be trustful in their promises, relationships. These people are always successful in their lives.

    ~ Kindness to the weak: Usually people show their kindness to the people whom they expect will repay them. Those people who are kind to the people who by no means be able to repay us are the ones who may be called successful people.

    ~ Take responsibility for a mistake: There are few people who realise their mistake and apologise for it.

    ~ Those who have self-control when they are criticised by the people and take things positively.

    ~ Respect for others, courage during adversity, understand emotions, generous, gracious, take failure as a lesson, have knowledge.

    I believe successful people possess these above qualities. Having money or property, in my opinion, is not something which I consider a parameter for being successful in life. What's your opinion?
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    It depends on how success is defined by the individual. The measurement generally comes when we are trying to compare something with others. Measurement is always quantitative. If somebody asks the other person how much money she/he has, it obviously indicates the sum of money one accumulated. Therefore, if we try to quantify success, we can measure it through different means.

    Let me clarify it with an example. Everybody has some goals in life and after achieving a particular goal, one concentrates on the other goals. Thus when you have reached your goal, you are successful. No matter what others say about your success, to yourself you remain successful. It is a general tendency to measure our own success in terms of others achievements, which is not logical. A person joining a company may attain a very higher position within a short span of time. Others who couldn't achieve that position by working there for a longer time may think they are less successful, but it's actually not. Success depends a lot on the aspirations. If you aspire to reach a certain position or gain something within a stipulated period, you have to work hard by adhering to the process of doing that work. If success doesn't come, analyze the process thoroughly and try again.

    There is no point in thinking about how successful the other person is. When you have the dream pursue it with hard work and determination and you have a greater chance to achieve it within a reasonable time.


    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    The success of a person is measured by two parameters. First is materialistic success using the fair means in life and another is composed and peaceful mental frame of mind.

    These are the two crucial aspects which are considered to measure the extent of the success of a person.

    Only thinking good things in life is not a success but to convert those good ideas in practical and their usefulness to the society is what matters most.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Success of a person cannot be measured just using a single scale. Perhaps money/wealth has a relatively lesser role in that. We have several personalities in and outside our country who are considered as very successful in their life. Very successful administrators are there, they need not be rich. On the other hand there are several persons who have become rich by becoming a minister or something similar, but proven a failure in the responsibility.
    A person can be considered successful if he shows good results in the sector he worked. It may be an administrator, a politician, a worker, a teacher, or anybody for that matter, come out successfully in his field of activity, and get recognition for the attainment is a successful man. He might be rich or not.
    Hence, richness has nothing to do with a successful life. Just to pull on one need some income. Not more than that.


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    In my opinion, success is a measure of achievement. It is nothing to do with the money. Money can be inherited or money can be earned by unethical and unfair means. But what are the goals and targets you have in your life and what is the percentage achievement? If we keep a target of achieving 80% marks in the examination and if we achieve minimum that percentage, then we can proudly say we are successful
    For a scientist making a good invention is a success. For a student passing the examination is a success. For an industrialist running his industry profitably is a success. But one should consider this as a success only when they achieve it through a legal means.

    always confident

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    What about the satisfaction level?

    The maximum the satisfaction, the greater would be the success level. This doesn't mean that I am denying with the author's approach but in actual this has defined the traits of an ideal personality & doesn't corelate with the success level or in other words, the success level is the difference between the goal with the level the goal achieved.

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    Whatever the author has said is absolutely right because measuring success by bank balance, money, car, etc is not right but still many of us tend to measure success on the basis of luxurious life one is spending.
    It seems that aristocratic people our happy and lead a blissful life but that is not true because we just see them from periphery not their hearts.
    They lead very formal life.
    One having peace of mind is the real success.
    Our duty is to do hard work for the things we want to achieve, rest should be left and should try to find happiness in simple things.
    Expectations always make us feel low and is the main reason of depression hence peace is required.

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