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    How much aware are you about the current happenings around the country?

    It is expected that when you are dealing with a particular issue, you will be aware of the latest information on it. However, in many departments, especially government ones there are few people who won't be able to guide you properly. The knowledge of current happenings around the country, which can be termed as current affairs, is a must for everybody. In this age, where the internet connectivity is huge and almost everybody is carrying a smart mobile device, it is expected that most of the people will be aware of important issues. But unfortunately, there are many who do not keep a tab on those important issues and when it comes from the officials of a bank that becomes really frustrating.

    The RBI issued guidelines regarding the replacement of old Magstripe Debit cards with the new EMV chip-based cards and requested banks to complete the process by this year-end. After SBI issued the guidelines, I raised a thread regarding this and went to another reputed nationalized bank within a few weeks for some specific work. There, I asked an official regarding this latest guideline and wanted to know whether I have to change the old Magstripe Debit card with the new EMV based one. That person instantly replied that these new cards are less secure and that bank does not have any plan to replace those old Debit cards within the stipulated time. Today, I received a message from the same bank requesting me to contact the branch if the old Magstripe Debit card is not replaced till now.

    This is just an example of a bank and I think there are many more like this happening in other departments also. Members, have you experienced anything like this during recent times?
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    This happens quite a lot in our day to day life. The problem is that we do not give much importance to the current affairs until and untell it is of some use to us. It does sound very fatuous when we do not know about the most common of current affairs especially those that are related to our domain of work. The advancement of technology has not helped a bit in this issue. In fact, it has proved to be an impediment as we no longer use the technology for its utilitarian purpose and further it makes us enervate enough to focus on secondary things such as current affairs.
    There are many day to day events that every one of us experience that can corroborate the argument of the author.

    It was a wonderful thread by the author and I believe almost everyone can easily relate to this.

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    Now a days due to digitization and computerisation of the various processes new guidelines and new measures are being inducted. The replacement of old debit cards, bar code fixing on pass books and SMS based creation of PIN and other transactions are being aggressively enforced by the RBI.

    At the same time the inherent will to resist more work and resist new measures will always be there in the organisations may be more in Govt departments and less in private.

    So that will bring certain aberrations as illustrated by the author in his post.

    These are temporary hiccups and once the issuing of new cards is over the things will come to normalcy.

    Few days back, I got a SMS from a Govt bank asking me to change my old debit card. I visited the branch where I am having the account and they quickly issued me the new card and told me that by evening I will be getting OTP in my registered mobile and then I can make a PIN by using it in an ATM.

    So the employees will always talk with margins in the time and doubts about the new techniques but it is not so in reality.

    In fact, within half an hour I got the OTP and got my card activated in the ATM and generated the PIN in no time.

    The men behind the machines are still having mental block in their way of working.

    Knowledge is power.

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    That is true many of the current affairs are not getting known to many people. This may be due to their lack of interest or lack of time. Household problems and officials burdens may also be a reason. Sometimes when I had to complete some works as on targetted time, I used to spend many hours in the office. I even not reading the newspapers also those days. Some important issues were used to came to my notice when my sons used to tell during dinner. So this heavy workload may be a reason.
    Another reason for this is lack of interest and avoiding the work. Some people will have the tendency of postponing the works until the lost moment to avoid works. I have seen many times in banks. When I wanted to get my PAN number updated in my account, the concerned clerk in the bank made me make three or four trips for no reason and he has don't it only to avoid the work.

    always confident

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