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    Adhering to our religion in graceful art form

    Yesterday, I had an opportunity to attend a Bhagwat Katha based on our hindu scripture - Shrimad Bhagwat.

    It was organised by some business community and a pandal was erected near my housing society. It was scheduled for a week and everyday the narration was for 2 hours.

    While going there I was thinking that it will be like another common religious talk but I was taken for a surprise when I saw that it was being presented in a very professional way and the main orator was very proficient in the Bhagwat stories and the associated morals given by them. He was also associated by a music team which supplemented him time to time by singing melodious religious songs related to theme of the lecture.

    Above all, they were also presenting some artists on the stage disguised in the attire of Lord Krishna and those mythological king's who existed in that ancient time.

    The show was very impressive and the people sitting there liked it very much. It was a combination of good oration and theatre.

    As an after thought I was wondering and pondering whether good quality class presentation of our religion and culture can help in preserving it? Are people belonging to hindu religion escaping from it because we are not presenting or following it in a graceful and elegant manner? Of course money is also a criterion when we want to observe our religion in such a high end manner.

    Can you please comment on this? What are your views?
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    In Andhra Pradesh also these days we witness such programmes very frequently. The way in which they narrate the epics and Puranas is very impressive. Many people are attending such discourses and understanding the morals in those Pravachanas. The electronic media is also giving a very good importance to these programmes. Not only Hindu religious programmes but the other religions programmes are also are being telecast.
    Definitely, these programmes are a good way of preserving our religion and culture. One should attend such programmes and the elders should see that their next generation also will attend and understand these issues so that the culture and religion will be preserved for the future. In Telugu, there are many mythological movies made taking the Bhagavatam or Bharatham epics as the base. NTR is very well known for portraying the important roles in these movies.

    always confident

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