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    Can we ever neglect agriculture?

    In the past around 52 months, the Modi Government had a pronounced urban bias and a huge craze for massive infrastructure such as the Bullet train. Even for this project, there are still protests from farmers as the land has to be acquired. The tremendous push to get the rather irrational Salem to Chennai eight lane project, for example, only speaks of sheer arrogance. All this so-called "development" at the cost of superb agriculture.

    The results in the five States are there for all to see. The anger of farmers have been expressed through the ballot. We cannot fool anyone. One understands that the Hindi press has also highlighted the massive debts of huge corporate organizations. JSW has a debt of over sixty thousand crores and Anil Ambani owes Rs. 1 lakh crores. The GVK group is said to be in debt of over 30,000 crores and the Essar group another Rs.40,000 crores. When you add all these, perhaps the figures pertaining to farmer debts will be far less!!

    We have been cheating farmers for so many years. Without agriculture, we will go broke. The so-called development cannot happen at the cost of agriculture. Food security is so basic to our huge population.
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    Agriculture is the main occupation of India so how can someone neglect it. As agriculture provide work to almost 50% of our population and provide food to all so government should not neglect farmers.

    Instead, our government should learn to find out new technology for them to increase productivity and reduce the wastage. Those countries who have less agricultural land do think of their farmers so our government also should think about their growth. I have seen in my village too, the farmers lead a very miserable life. They don't have enough money to fulfil their family needs. It's serious when our government is talking about the bullet train it can't forget the roots of our country.


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    Agriculture is the main way of living in our country. Majority of the people are making their meals through this field only. So no government should neglect the farmers.
    Chandra Babu Naidu when he was the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh (Combined) developed the Hyderabad city well and many IT industries were started and many jobs were created. But he is not given much importance to the agriculture sector. So he lost the elections next time.
    Now Modi government is also doing the same mistake. I think that is the main reason they lost in the 3 states. KCR has given Rs.4000/- per acre to all the farmers irrespective of the quantum of land one has. That means a farmer having 100 acres will get 4,00,000 rupees from government free under Rytu Bandhu Scheme. That has given him a big boost in the recent elections.
    Irrespective elections the country should progress in agriculture sector also for an around development.

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    Agriculture is a major activity in our country and we must do some solid efforts to bring it to the main stream. In spite of many schemes and subsidies floated in this sector it is still lagging in its networking with the outer world.

    The middlemen and the cartel of the hoarders is not letting anyone to get the farmer direct connection with the retail market and in fact the poor farmers are getting a very small amount for their crops.

    The record breaking production is working like a double edged sword which is harming the farmers more. I came to know that in China the Govt pays almost 70-80% of retail price to the farmers and retailers can not sell at a price more than that. If it is true then we must find out the methodology by which that Govt is able to achieve such a great feat.

    If we can improve the conditions of the farmers then only the real prosperity will come in our country.

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    Thanks For Sharing the informative post.

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    We can easily answer the thread question as No. A big NO. But the illustration given by the author has many concern aspect. Which definitely raise a question that, Are we ignoring the basic need the farmers who feed the world. The most unsatisfied in our country is our farmer and we are not doing the things in such a way which benefits them on ground level.
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    "In 2014, the National Crime Records Bureau of India reported 5,650 farmer suicides. The highest number of farmer suicides were recorded in 2004 when 18,241 farmers committed suicide. The farmers suicide rate in India has ranged between 1.4 and 1.8 per 100,000 total population, over a 10-year period through 2005."

    The members are requested to pl. observe the above figures & if the author could provide more light onto this including the political parties who ruled during this period.

    In addition, the author has come-up with certain data which actually is said to be the bad debt given to few of the big companies but if the author could also specify the duration in which they were provided with such loans. Also & if the author could also provide the data about the amount of bad debt after 2014 & before 2014.

    I understand the frustration of the author which become even more clearer after seeing the simultaneous threads but why he is limited himself with the data of to a certain period but instead why we can't do the comparative studies during the regimes of other political parties as well. In most all the threads by the same author, the members can see the last as my submission & I am still waiting for any comments but perhaps someday the same may get locked without any further replies.

    I don't get it that whatever the author is concerned about with the different issues of which he directly go on blaming the Modi government but the same never got existed during any of the previous regimes. I need a reply from the author that all the things that he has been engaged with his threads were never existed & hope so that more preciously he wants a healthy discussion with hard facts & not just doing the hit & run.

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    As per your data, 2004 has recorded higher number of farmer suicide and less in 2014 and not sure how much in 2018. Who was in power 1999 to 2004 and 2004 to 2014?

    Still blaming previous governments for each and everything even after 4.5 years is nothing but to find out a route for escape. If people are satisfied with previous governments means why they are electing alternate.

    Who helped to amend the existing lookout notice issued for Mallaya? Mallaya himself told that he met Finance Minister before he left from India. Finance Minister declined the meeting earlier but later he agreed it after enough evidence was provided.


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    #654912/Suresh Kumar R, don't we feel that we need a comparative studies in order to prove good or worst performances? & this habit of forgetting things is what has made the situation worse.

    For your last para, is the government fool enough to let Mallaya go away & then try every efforts to bring him back? & now that Countdown to Nirav Modi's arrest begins, UK authorities have asked their Indian counterparts to provide necessary documents that could expedite Nirav Modi's arrest.

    Does this satisfy the logic?

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    Well though, to the question asked in the title of forum my clear answer is no but to the comparison done in the question is quite a diversion from the topic.
    Can't we keep the infrastructure development and farmers in two separate frames both progressing simultaneously?
    One form of development doesn't have to be a hindrance for others.
    Why do we need to protest something instead of demanding something for ourselves?
    Because of developed infrastructure transportation get impacted thus cost of goods and thus whole economy. It's is a one-time investment though.
    But we all we do is protest. Instead of getting rights for ourselves we seek happiness in getting someone's right getting curbed.

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    It's impossible to neglect agriculture where a large section of people, around 60% of the total workforce, are dependent on it. Agriculture is one of the predominant sectors in India but the average economic condition of the farmer is not good at all. It's true that a major thrust is there in the infrastructure sector, which is equally important but neglecting agriculture for infrastructure growth will not be beneficial in the long run. There must be a balance between the two and since India is self-reliant on agriculture, it has to be seen that India's position in producing foodgrains do not go down.

    The farmers' main plight is they are not receiving remunerative prices for their produce. They also demand loan-waivers and there are lots of problems in many places regarding farmland acquisition. They are producing food for all of us and the governments must look into their reasonable demands so that they can feel secure. Since they are mostly rural people, they get exploited by politicians of every political party and their demands kept on pending. Though the government is taking many initiatives to ensure minimum support prices for their produce, lot more needs to be done for the farmers in the country.


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    Well, "Since they are mostly rural people, they get exploited by politicians of every political party and their demands kept on pending.", then instead of taking the issues in general, why few of us goes on targeting a specific government like in the present thread it is the Modi government who is being target but forgetting the fact that in the other states as well wherein its not the BJP ruled state but still the situations more or less same but sometimes this got even worse & in support I have put up with few data as well (#654905).

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