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    Has Raipur really developed into a good city for living?

    A couple of bankers are very good friends. Both are working in different Nationalized banks and both these guys have been transferred to Raipur, the Capital of Chattisgarh. The Congress Government has been voted to power recently.

    A lot of noise was being made about development in that city. Since I do not know anything about this city, can any member who has been to the city in the recent past, throw some light on this vital aspect? How many good CBSE schools are there? Is it good for University higher education?

    This information will help them to go over there either as married bachelors or take their family along. The two guys are rather apprehensive. The North Indian postings are normally for a period of around 80 months or more. Of course, a huge number of officials from the Hindi belt have been transferred to South Indian branches too and most of them are based in superb cities where the standard of education is too good.
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    Being the capital of Chattisgarh it's a good city to live. It's a nice city to live to have enough infrastructure. Your friends may not feel that they are going to the underdeveloped city.

    It has high-class schools like Ryan international, Holy cross and prestigious colleges like IIM, ITM. So ask them not to worry they are going to a good city but of course, the language will be a problem they will have to learn the local language to survive there.


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    I think this city may be good. Ranks 45th most populous city in India.

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    The title gives a suggestion that Raipur was not a good city for living earlier. Was it so ever? I doubt. One can understand the apprehension about a new place when one has to go there in connection with a job and trying to gather some information about that place is fine but then, do we have a choice? Once we join a transferable job, we are bound by the terms and conditions and will have to move to that place even if it does not have the desired facilities. The adjustments and compromises with regard to his personal matters is for the employee to make. I have not been to Raipur but I am sure that it won't be that bad a place to live and would be like any other capital city in India with positives and negatives.
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    I had been to Raipur a number of times. I travelled from Raipur to Jagadalpur and from there to Vizag by road and by air. The city is a very well developed city with very good roads and good amenities. There are very good schools and colleges. In fact, the whole state had been developed very well. There are good industrial belts in the state.
    Your friends need not worry. It is like any other state capital and everything is available. Good Restaurants and good hotels. The airport is also good and it is connected to all the cities by air. Many of my friends are staying in Jagadalpur.

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    Sai Ganesh Sir. Please do note that I have not made any observation at all. I do not have any information at all. Now that members have clarified, I can inform the two guys. You see, there are hundreds of bankers who do not take their families along to many places of transfer. This is mainly because the existing schools where their children study are either too good or do have some facilities that may not be available in a new place. You see, it is not me who would live there. Bankers do have this issue at all times. In their entire careers, they get to work in at least eight different locations.

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    Sivakumar, I never said that you have made any observations. I just said that the title gives a different suggestion combined with your concluding lines about the people from the Hindi belt being posted to the South.

    Leave alone bankers, any person who gets into a job which envisages a transfer across the country need to be ready and aware of the possibilities. If I stand posted to a place where there is no facility for my son or daughter to continue their education, I might have to look for other alternatives. Similarly, if I am posted to a place where my family cannot be accommodated as per our desire and wishes, it is always better to leave them at our place of residence (where we are settled) and enjoy life as a forced bachelor. These are things in the normal course as we choose it initially and we need not feel worried at a later stage.

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    My thanks to #654802/Sanjeev Gupta & #654826/DR.N.V. Srinivasa Rao for providing the insight of their observation. To my experience, when we talk positive then we actually praise the efforts of all those who actually have made it possible.

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    In addition to my above comment, it makes me feel awkward & uncomfortable when we questions about,

    "How many good CBSE schools are there? Is it good for University higher education?"

    This even after 70 years of our independence. Do we really have something about our own country which we feel proud of even after so long time? In addition, are we also concern about with the Eastern India wherein for much longer time the Congress party had ruled the state & the status & the image of UP & Bihar can't be an exception in the minds of us. We need to think on these locations & aspects too.

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    In a big country like ours it is natural that sometimes some people have apprehensions for other places and through this thread we have got the information that Raipur is a good place and one can go there without any worry.

    Why I am telling this is that about 40 years back I got my first appointment in Assam state and my father and other relatives told me not to go there and search for another job. Though I had some other options in hand but this job was more lucrative and I anyway went there. Yes, at that time it was quite backward as compared to other parts of the country but when I had opportunity to mix with the locals I found that they were very nice and good people and in fact I enjoyed my stay there and over and above that when I got my transfer from there to Gujarat state, I tried to defer it so that I could stay there more but it was not agreed and I had to leave the place.

    So you know the place only when you stay there and what other people tell us is their point of view.

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