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    Time to get back to basics in the country as a whole

    Not so long ago, it was said that the population is a big plus for a country like India, when the educated huge masses of people can drive the economy. While this is true to some extent, there is another side to the whole story. Millions are added in poor families with very limited resources.

    Such poor people do not understand that an extra child is a big minus. This is where the population explosion needs to be controlled. We have huge problems already. We are not able to find jobs for millions. We are so happy about contract jobs. This is a huge minus to the economy, as such people can never get any loan from any bank.

    In addition, the population explosion also leads to tremendous strain on sanitation, providing pure drinking water and so on. Similarly, we need to invest heavily in information technology, to minimize the corruption everywhere. For example, the corruption in railway tickets is now near zero. We need to push for more of such innovations. We also need to give maximum importance to education and ensure that everyone gets to study at least up to the school final stage. This is more true of the Hindi belt, where the standards of education seem to be pathetic.

    Let us get back to basics and then talk about "development".
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    "This is more true of the Hindi belt, where the standards of education seem to be pathetic. "

    I did not get what you mean to say by this?

    Overpopulation has drawbacks and the way our population is growing is a big concern. It was in the past when the living cost was not so high and the couple used to have many kids, unlike today when the cost of living is so high and a lot of money is incurred in raising a child. It's tough to get the jobs due to high competition and for that, a kid has to go for a good education which is very costly these days.

    We need to control the population by making people aware of the things. In rural areas, people are still unaware of it.


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    Sir one does hear that in Bihar or MP the higher education standards are not too good. The examinations are never held on time. One is shocked to see hundreds of thousands of non graduates and other uneducated people from Bihar and the other Hindi States working for very low wages in shops, hotels, and so on. This is pathetic. I meant only this sorry state of affairs. Seems the elementary and secondary level drop out rate is very high. We should do something about this so that these poor souls need not work for low wages in so many places in South India.

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    True. The population of the country is raising. Once upon a time family planning was very well advocated. Now it is not that much advertised. But many people understood the importance of family planning and controlling the size of their family. But still, a section of the society is not understanding the problem. So population is not under control as expected. These days it is very difficult to see that the child will have a decent life. So top priority for that is to be given. Basically, the mindset of the people should change. They should assess their own financial status and accordingly, they should plan their family. The education system is to be reorganised in such a way that the output from the educational institutions will be of use to the industry so that their chances of getting a job will increase.
    Unless these two important issues are addressed properly the country will not get evenly developed and the difference between rich and the poor will get widened.

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    I completely agree with the different views here & in support of this I would request the members to pl. go through the below link too,

    Why development is the only variable for success in elections

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    The big population of any country is a useful proposition only if the people are engaged in creative and constructive activities. For example in China the population is huge but due to strict governance the nuisance value of these million of people is comparatively lower there as compared to our country.

    So population is a problem but how we are managing it is also a crucial factor.

    Instead of creating a few highly paid jobs if we can make a large number of jobs with low remuneration, that may be more beneficial for the public at large.

    If a country can address the needs of it's large population then that itself is a big achievement.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    "Let us get back to basics and then talk about "development".
    I request the author to explain the meaning of the above sentence.
    I think, getting back to basics/essentials by ever increasing population is called development, actually.
    Our problem is that we,134 Crore people, wants our living standards to match with the standards of US with a population of 30 Crores./or Europe. If we try for that, there will be a huge consumption of resources and subsequent degradation of environment.(Example: China).Practically, that may not be possible. So, population is to be controlled.
    Why there is poverty in some part and prosperity in another part?
    The political and economic institutions in a country are either extractive or inclusive.
    If it is extractive, grabbing wealth and resources away from one part of the society to benefit another, then there will be poverty.
    If it is inclusive, focusing on power sharing, productivity, education, technological advances and the well-being of the nation as a whole, then there will be prosperity.
    So, we need to strengthen inclusive Political and Economic institutions to become prosperous nation.

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    The sum and substance of my viewpoint is that by focussing on the basics, we should do something to limit our population.

    One has no problem with the Hindiwallahs searching for employment anywhere in India. However, the facts are there for all to see. An estimated three crore uneducated and largely untrained Hindiwallahs, who know nothing except Hindi, have already landed in various parts of the entire South. I request members to please visit any restaurant to understand this. Even in Chennai, they are present everywhere.

    If only they knew English, and were at least graduates, they would have found some BPO job in the cities. The educated Hindiwallahs who have studied through Hindi medium have landed in these jobs and earn at least eight thousand rupees per month. On the contrary, the highly educated Hindiwallahs who have studied through English medium and are from the IIMs or IITs can also be found in Chennai, Hyderabad or Bangalore. We need not bother about this category. Yet, the first category works at ridiculously less wages and are also exploited everywhere. The raw Hindi medium graduates also do not get to lead great lives as they can never ever speak English.

    Let us stick to the subject. What answer does our great Modi and other Hindi politicians like our great Mulayam Singh Yadav have for these exploited people? Come Diwali and these Hindi souls go back in all the trains that go to North India. They enter into any compartment and travel in miserable conditions with some two hundred people in each compartment.

    So, what happened to education in the Hindi belt? Yes , it is true that the same fate is there for our Tamil or Telugu or Hindi medium students. Yes, English is the divider. But can we expect Google to do every scientific advancement through Hindi or Tamil. We want Google. But the simple fact is that millions of Indians in USA are so successful only because they know English so well.

    Politicians like Mulayam Singh Yadav or Mayawathi should be shown the door and banished from politics altogether. They should not exploit humble people.

    What I have mentioned is just one dimension. Yes, the Hindi States has huge populations when compared to South India. This is a huge problem.

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    Sivakumar ji,
    At least we should be happy that people from Hindi speaking area are coming to Chennai and getting jobs and living happily there. People in Chennai are so generous that they are very well accepting them. But, I am sensing some biased views in your statement particularly on Hindi speaking people. What about Bengali/Bangladeshi people working in India at so many places?
    I agree with your statement that people are getting better opportunities by learning English. The Giant international car maker; Volkswagen has started changing its official language from German to English. It has instructed its bosses to begin exchanging in English, whatever their native languages may be. Honda, the Japanese car maker also abandoning its mother language Japanese and switching to English in 2020.
    So, English is accepted as a worldwide language and we also should consider it as a group language. At the same time we also think that we are abandoning our mother tongue and culture

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    "The population explosion", this one topic remains one of the areas wherein we lack the political will in order to come out & implement with the policies which may prove beneficial in controlling it. The reasons being many but in major part this has been related to religion aspects. We have talked about this a decade back & will continue to present our concerns even in the future also but along with this have we ever have tried to get the reasons behind all this or we are just scoring more numbers?

    There are few important issues have been raised by the author here wherein the development & growth factors are not in accordance to the increasing population but in addition & if the author could come up with reasons behind this backwardness than this would have much easier to understand for the other members as well including me but the problem is that often we are going by the half facts with the actual reasons being hidden beneath somewhere. According to me when we are highlighting the concerns without actual reasons which have led to this wouldn't do much assistance in solving the problems.

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    Yes, the population is increasing day by day and so fulfilling the facilities is also very difficult. One reason for an increasing population is the desire of the male child. This is especially in the rural area and the uneducated. I have seen many families already having 3 daughters still planning for another kid. And without having proper financial support the children are left uneducated and thus continuing the same process of having a desire of the male child.

    But we cannot blame only the population for the development of the country. There is nothing wrong in blaming the corrupted politician who once promised so many things has disappeared somewhere without fulfilling it. Why do we pay tax and where does the money go?
    The population may be the reason for the lack of development but definitely not the only reason

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    Am referring to facts. It is a well known fact that the population in Kerala and Tamil Nadu is not growing rapidly at all. In fact, in the rural areas, it is very difficult to find agricultural labor in both the States. Why? This is because only the parents are from farming backgrounds. The sons and daughters are all educated. This cuts across all castes and communities.

    Am not against anyone. I would also like Hindi to be a common language. But when the politicians start making politics out of it, the real problem starts. Everyone will agree that the population growth is huge in the Hindi belt. If there is good development and the standard of English also improves, everything will fall in place. However, in UP there is only Ram Mandir and cow politics. It is the politics of hate.

    Such tactics cannot work in any South Indian State. This apart, when the education standards are so high, naturally the industries will also come up only in these States. If Bangalore leads in IT, Chennai dominates in both auto industries and in auto ancillary industries. Chennai is also home to a huge number of IT industries.

    Contrast this to the situation in MP, Rajasthan, UP and Bihar. Despite the superb Nitish Kumar, for whom i have great respect, the State is still very backward. Why? One does not know all reasons. However, the fact is that development is very slow.

    This is not to say that everything is fine in Tamil Nadu or in South. We have our own issues. Now, this "generosity" of Chennai people. I do not know how to react. Neeraj, please do note it is sheer economics. The capitalists are so happy with the Hindi people, who are ready to work so hard for so poor wages. They are more hardworking and also sincere. But what about exploitation?

    I have seen so much of exploitation. This is sad. Coming back to the main point. How is that the cream of the Hindi wallahs study in English medium, enter IAS and the IITs and the IIMs.? This is a big puzzle. There should be solutions to address everything -- population, education, the importance given to English and so on.

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