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    In the Happiness scale we are far below.

    The U.N.'s Fourth World Happiness Report our country comes at the 118th position. The measuring yard was the equality among the people. Accordingly, Denmark occupies the top position.At the bottom of the table is Burundi.
    The first ten position are occupied respectively by Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Finland, Canada, Netherlands, Newzealand, Australiaand Sweden.
    Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland which like Denmark have strong social security systems. United States come only at the 13th position in happiness. UK is at 23rd while China at 83rd positions.
    Another interesting result given is that, out of the top ten reported, eight of them are noted for lesser number of religious believers. Religions are soon going to be out of these countries as per the trend.
    Denmark and Norway (out of the ten) did not fall in that category.
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    I think many people in India are very greedy. They are not happy with what they have. They want to earn more and more. So they will have less happiness. Many rich people are not happy with what they have. They want to enjoy more and they want to get everything in the world. So they will be never happy. I think many of the people who are not having so much ambition for making huge many will be happy only.
    I am not able to understand how religion will come in the way of happiness. Anyhow the author has given a good information about the world happiness report and our country's rank in that.

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    These are the analysis being carried out on the basis of the random sampling wherein the participants forms the negligible part of the society or of any region but still in support of this analysis I would say that we are forgetting our own cultures & at the same time following the western culture could be the main reason behind it because for sure we more believe on the show-off & therefore we will have to face the consequences. In addition & on to the religion comment I would say that our very basis is the religion & irrespective of the changes being taking place overseas we will continue to dominate in any given circumstances.

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    I don't believe on such surveys as they say Pakistan is ahead of India and are ranked 75th on the list. Can anyone believe?

    Is it not strange the country where people play with guns that country is happier than others.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    Being Indians, we can easily repudiate the survey carried out by the sustainable development solutions network for the United Nations, but that does not make much sense. All the parameters on which the survey is carried out are openly elucidated by the United Nations. These variables currently include real GDP per capita, social support,freedom to make life choices, generosity, and perceptions of corruption. The reports clearly make sense as the European government provide better facilities to their citizens. There are uncountable impecunious people in India at present. So, how can we even expect a better rank at the Happiness Index. On the other hand, comparing other Asian countries such as Pakistan is puerile. The difference in population of these countries as compared to the resources available does make a lot of difference in the rankings. We cannot simply assume that the more developed countries will be at the top of the Happiness Index. If such was the case, then countries like USA, China and Japan could possibly be at the top on the list. As a country, we should be alarmed by such stats rather being antithetic about it.No country is relegated in such surveys.

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    Actually, Indian people want as much as possible. Being Indian I can feel that status is more important than happiness because I have seen people around me who say this. Indian people do not find happiness in simpler things they have but they find happiness in materialistic things.
    Old people always say that at the time of death every person tends to regret because he or she was busy in making money all his or her lifetime but didn't give time to the family hence what is the use of such money?

    Although, money is a basic need of every person I think we have that much what is required to feed ourself daily and we are putting a lot of efforts in making money all day long instead of focusing on happiness and give time to family.
    To be happy, satisfaction is the basic thing required but only satisfaction is not there in Indian people.
    I'm not saying that stop working hard or stop doing efforts to make money instead we are doing everything to be happy but that is the only thing we are lacking in our lives.

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    In any such survey the number of samples and statistics play a vital role and the results may not be very accurate. Still, we can clearly see that we are lagging much behind in this scale.

    Happiness index of a country will be depending upon the level of education, poverty, job conditions, governance of the Govt, social conditions, security and things like that. Naturally, those countries where employment opportunities are available for all, poverty is almost eradicated and law and order conditions are excellent, the happiness index will definitely be higher.

    Knowledge is power.

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