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    Why not a lady Prime Minister for India!

    Till date, including the Present Prime Minister Mr. Modi, India had 14 Prime Ministers including a lady Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi. Why not we have a second Lady Prime Minister in 2019. There are many bold and courageous lady politicians in India.

    Whom would you recommend to be our next lady Prime Minister of India?
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    There will not be any objection in choosing a lady as a Prime Minister. Because we had a powerful Woman Prime Minister, who proved that she was far above many of the PMs. Unfortunately, she had to surrender her life itself as a price for her carrier.
    Now the different Political parties, especially the one which comes to power after the next general election. Under the present situation, the major political parties that are likely to come to power, there are not many women among the leadership comparable to Smt. Indira Gandhi. However the situation will be clear only after the general elections, 2019.


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    There will not be any objection for a lady Prime Minister to our country. Already we have seen Indira Gandhi who ruled the country very powerfully. She earned a very good name as a very powerful Prime Minister. So we can definitely have another female Prime Minister.
    But if you see the political parties and their leaders, only three parties are having a lady leader. Sonia Gandhi in Congress is not likely to be a PM candidate as she has already promoted her son for that post. In BJP there is no lady who will be developed to PM level. Then only Mayavati and Mamata are there. I don't think Mayavati will have any chance. If all opposition parties except Congress and BJP forms a front with Mamata's party as a part of that front, she stands a chance. Let us wait and see what is going to happen in 2019 elections. Anything and everything is possible in politics.

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    You need to prove your worth & who knows that you too get favor to become the next female PM of our country. By the way me too wants to become the PM of India but I do have a reason that I don't have of that level or in another ways we can go ahead with the reservation system in order to implement with such events.

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    I fully endorse the views of the author in this regard.

    At present there are a few lady politicians who have a chance to become the Prime Minister if the coalition partners agree for them in case the opposition comes in power in coalition with such parties where ladies are leading.

    The things will only be clear during the next year Lok Sabha elections.

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    I believe that there shouldn't be a women card playing here. The decisions must be made upon merit irrespective of the gender. India had a strong women Prime Minister in the past. I am surprised to see the hyprocisy of US as they have never had a women President whereas countries like India and Pakistan have.

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