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    NOTA played an important role in Telangana elections this time.

    We all know that there is a chance to say in the elections that we don't like any of the contesting candidates. We can press the NOTA button of EVMs to say that no one contesting is a choice for me.
    This time in Telangana state elections a good number of votes got polled for NOTA. The number of votes for NOTA is more than the majority of the winning candidate got over his nearest rival. This situation is seen in almost six constituencies. In one constituency BJP candidate lost to TRS candidate by a margin of 1016 votes. In that constituency, the votes polled for NOTA are 1,462. The same is the situation in another five constituencies. This is an indication that voters are becoming aware of the process and they know how to express their unhappiness on the present day politics and politicians.
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    It is very true that NOTA option is exposing the quality of candidates as well as peoples feeling about them that they will not be able to deliver the goods after coming to the power.

    From this perspective NOTA is a fearful thing because if the political situation is not improved the percentage of NOTA may even go up drastically mocking the election process itself. I feel parties should choose honest and sincere candidates who can do some good developmental work for the country.

    Earlier many people did not go to vote saying that they do not believe in this false process but now they will go and show their apathy in this way.

    Knowledge is power.

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