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    Let us not quote our past, it is bygone

    Many of us are in a habit of quoting our past and emphasizing that earlier it was so nice and people used to work so hard and I did like that and similar narrations of past glory.

    In my opinion, talking about past has no meaning. What is important is the present and present activities to shape our future. We are known by what we do today not what we have done long back.

    What do you think about this? I seek your valuable opinion.
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    So, the saying 'the good olden days' is wrong?.... Madam…?

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    Obviously, being in the past is not going to help you in shaping your future because we have to work hard in present then only we can shape our future.
    Some people tend to believe in destiny and they think that destiny will lead them everywhere in life but that is not true because some where we have to work hard then only destiny will work otherwise nothing is going to help us.
    Past is gone but it doesn't mean that we should stop thinking about the past because sometimes past teaches us very important life lessons that will help us in future not to repeat those mistakes.
    Past was an experience and this experience can be utilised to do good in our lives and keep the bad things behind and not to take them along with us.

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    But talking about past we can learn something. There is no wrong in it. We might think of past and learn something about the failures. When we think of past achievements of ours or others' we might get motivated to do more. Yes, people know us by what we do today but what we are today is because of past experiences which make us do what we do today. So we should not waste our time by thinking of the past always but we should think of the past as an example and learn something.

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    No. Talking about the past is not to say that we are big or we have done excellently. Talking about the past is mainly to analyse the case and learn the mistakes. If we narrate these things the people who are hearing or reading may get a lesson from it and they may not do similar mistakes in their life. If the narrated point is good then some people may even learn from that. So based on the situation sometimes narrating our past may be good for the next generation or even to self.
    At the same time to boost our image telling that we have done many good things is also not correct. When there is no necessity don't narrate your past to anybody. That will make the other people unnecessarily get irritated. When the other people are not interested to learn or understand telling the past events is also of no use for us. So we should be judicious in this process. Only when it is necessary to narrate our past we should do that.

    always confident

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    If you come-up with the habit of forgetting the things then in what ways that you would take the decisions which needs to be most suited with providing you with the best of results. Learning & experiences only results from the actions & reactions with the outcomes of the past & in case you don't value them that you will continue to be taking chances in almost everything & still not able to figure out of about the outcomes.

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    Sticking to past is not a desirable attitude. Past is over and now it is time to look ahead.

    But yes, there are always learning from the past failures and mistakes as well as enriching our knowledge and skills with the experience gained in the process. In the same way singing the songs of past glory may give a temporary solace but it has no meaning if we go on repeating it in our thoughts or share with our friends or colleagues.

    A magnificent past does not guarantee a happy and satisfying future nor we should feel assured by its glory. So let us awaken up and forget the past and concentrate in present to make a bright future.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Taking past memories for the improvement of our present steps to not repeat a past mistake. We can take past as a milestone and reference point of our assessment to improve in the future. Your thread is pointing out the people only indulge in past memories like success, failure, the past opportunities which they lose. This type of referencing the past one should avoid. It will be only hinder to the growth of an individual. They used to mention past repeatedly. So the reference to the past has both aspects good and bad. It totally depends on the fact how we take the past. For one's development, happiness or for regret.
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