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    Being diplomatic is good or bad?

    Some people are very diplomatic in nature. They make sure not to hurt anyone and play very safe. They make sure not to spoil their relationship with anyone and they try to be liked by everyone. Sometimes, it is good to be diplomatic but not always. It is also very much essential to have our voice and opinions about the wrong. Even I have seen many people who make fun of a diplomatic person and asking to change.
    What is your opinion about being diplomatic? share your views
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    Being diplomatic is sometimes beneficial but sometimes it will lead you behind other people because being so much honest isn't going to make you feel good because straight trees are always cut first.
    It is always said that do not try to please everyone because there are billions of people in the world and we cannot make everyone happy.
    Being right is not going to hurt anyone. It's not our duty to make everyone happy and not to hurt them but we should always try to be true to yourself and to other people so that we cannot make false decision and do not ever give a false hope to anyone, so it is right to be true every time because that is going to make everyone happy around you.
    Diplomacy doesn't work everywhere.
    One can be diplomatic according to the situation but being diplomatic in every situation is going to hurt the person who is being diplomatic.

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    But I don't think that diplomatic people are honest. If they were honest then they wouldn't be diplomatic. They only try to be good to people without giving their honest opinions. There is no wrong if we even call them fake

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    Honesty is different and diplomacy is different. I feel diplomacy is that to tell what we want to tell but in an indirect way and without hurting the feelings of the others.
    When we go to meet a VIP, suppose he was not there. The next again we will go to meet by understanding the time convenient to him. While talking to him if we say yesterday I came to meet you but I couldn't make it when you are available. It is a diplomatic way of telling. There is nothing dishonest in this.
    Saying yesterday I came but you were not there is also correct. But the other person may get hurt. He has not given time to us. But we went. In such cases, diplomacy may work better.
    In some cases unnecessarily being very diplomatic may confuse others. They may get wrong signals by this which is not good.

    always confident

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    Any predetermined path or predetermined notions are not suited to every situations or circumstances & doesn't matter that this may even be related to the diplomatic ways of handling things. Sometimes you need to be straightforward in dealing with the individuals or with the situations & the best way to negotiate is to use your intellect & experience of the past but still we need to do some aftermath impacts in order to calculate the expected implications in positive or negative ways because & after all the direct bearer would be the you only.

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    It is always good being diplomatic but we must be daring enough to take a stand. Being diplomatic doesn't require you to budge to people's will. By being diplomatic we always refrain from causing pain to others which is a reward in itself.
    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    The diplomatic way may be a natural behavior of the skill adopted by the people. Calling them fake will not work out. As I can say the diplomatic way is the best way to deal with the people or problem but without compromising the best approach to the solution it might be harsh some time but diplomacy reduce the harshness of the problem. We have to and trying to make a balance in life situation. Diplomacy is the way. Your aspect of the people who are diplomatic is fake. It may be true for some instance. It totally depends on the attitude of the person dealing the with the situation whether he/she really believe in the solution or making his/her profit out of the situation. Diplomatic way saves time and leads to a conclusion faster and satisfying parties equally. Being diplomatic or straightforward is totally dependent on the situation demands. So the diplomatic way is the best approach. If it fails we naturally move to other options.
    Well done is better than well said

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    Diplomacy is a soft weapon which does not hurt but does its work. Many successful people are good diplomats today.

    There is a large difference between straight talks and diplomatic talks. People having a habit of straight talks do not get recognition in the society or a group as some people feel hurt by their such pointedness. No one likes to hear the true and factual things in straight ways but same thing told in a round about way is acceptable.

    In international politics as well as national level politics diplomacy plays a crucial part and it is an attribute which many leaders will like to possess to impress the public at large. To that extent it is a quality rather than a negative characteristics of human beings.

    Knowledge is power.

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