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    Somewhere in gender equality, are women forgetting their roles and responsibilities

    I agree both men and women are equal. Women are no less than a man and have mastered in every field. There is feminism everywhere. Women are trying to prove their equality. But somewhere in this, I feel women are forgetting their roles and responsibilities. Ego and attitude have increased in order to prove equality. I agree there should be no ego in both men and women and no matter how supportive a man is, I have seen many women only trying to prove the man wrong.
    What do you feel about it?
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    I don't think so that women are forgetting their responsibilities.
    But yes I have seen many of them to be negligent and taking undue advantages of their powers.
    They are working well in their fields but the government has given them powers and some womens take these powers as a weapon of standard, status and try to make men feel as if they are powerless in front of them.
    It is the responsibility of every women in our country and outside that whatever they are given with such as powers, empowerment should not be misused, because if they are misusing these powers today it might get possible tomorrow that they will lose these powers too.
    Young generation women will get deprived of such powers.

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    I don't think so. What are the roles and responsibilities of a woman?

    It's not that women are meant for raising kids and doing household works. This is what we have decided it otherwise it's not.

    I appreciate the way working women take care of this additional responsibility at home and when the husband is not supportive the frustration, ego and attitude may be obvious. We can't say that women have forgotten their role.


    " It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for what you are not" ... Andre Gide

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    After a long hiatus I am seeing a thread where there seems to be a scope of alleging that women are not taking their roles and responsibilities seriously.

    Many people have this notion that women are escaping from the household work and want to have a feel of working only outside the house. It is also said that some of them are taking advantage in the work place also in the name of gender equality.

    I do not perceive the things in this perspective. Whenever in a society when a woman is allowed to work outside and is being given equality to men in all respect then we have no right to say that they are not responsible in the household work or upbringing of children or any erstwhile activity which was only their work earlier.

    In western countries, it is a common thing to take out the precooked food from the fridge and eat it. Both the partners are making their career and mostly take food outside. Even for other roles and responsibilities they hire services rather to mitigate them their selves.

    In developing countries it will take time to reach that stage due to various socio-economic factors.

    Knowledge is power.

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    To some extent, I agree with the author. This is an accepted fact that men and women are equal. Accordingly, females are excelling in all most all the fields. They are outdoing men in many fields. There is no second opinion about this.
    But still in a small section of females that feeling is remaining. So they want to prove always that they are superior to males. In that process, they are forgetting their roles and responsibilities.
    These days the ladies in the rich families don't want to cook in the house also even. They want to hire a cook or get meals made outside. They never take care of their children. They leave the children to the servants. The way servants treat them will be entirely different. A care of a parent can be replaced by any other care. We can understand that a working woman may not have time but a housewife will never have the problem of time for taking care of the child.

    always confident

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