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    Checking illegal migrants from Bangladesh

    The problem of illegal migrants from Bangladesh is not a new problem. It has been in existence for a very long time. They were said to be coming from across the border in West Bengal.

    Now, a shocking report in the Coimbatore city edition of Times of India, dated the 13th of December 2018, that there are several illegal migrants in the city of Tiruppur in jobs in the textile units there, is an eye-opener. There have been some cases of thefts and even other anti-social activities reported in the past. The police were able to trace the culprits to West Bengal and arrest them.

    However, this is a human issue as well. If we were to give them legal status, what will happen? In any case, if it is proved that they are illegal migrants from Bangladesh, what will be the legal position, as such?

    Members who know the actual position may please respond.
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    Earlier we were not very strict in our borderline policies with Bangladesh and in fact in some places across the border, many people came to India in day time to work and went back in night to Bangladesh.

    So just stopping the people coming to our country may only be helpful for restricting the present migrants but what about the thousands which have already come here and are settled in the different parts of the country. We do not have a strict system of citizenship card that we can identify these people and deport them back to Bangladesh.

    This problem is very deep rooted and the authorities are also aware of these complications but in absence of a strict policy and governance we will have to take the load of these people on our head only. The defaulters always thrive in confusions and ambiguities.

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    It was estimated in the year 2000 around 1.5 crores of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in India, with around 3 lakh entering every year. Many immigrants settled in the border areas. But some have moved to faraway places such as Mumbai and Delhi. Sriprakash Jaiswal, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs in the UPA government had made a statement in Parliament on 14 July 2004 regarding these people. He estimated around 12 million illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators living in India. West Bengal topped the list with 5.7 million Bangladeshis. More recently, Kiren Rijiju, Minister of State for Home Affairs in the NDA government has put the figure at around 20 million, with around 3 lakh entering every year.
    India treated Bangladesh as a friendly country and much control in the border areas was not there. That has become a problem and the number increased. But there is no strict rules or policies to control this issue.

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    We discussed this serious issue sometime back in this forum
    Our military could stop every single migrant at the boarder itself with non-lethal means. We have enough resources and technology to do that. But, Political will is lacking. The numbers are shocking.This migration is a consequence of the huge economic disparity between India and Bangladesh.

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    If anyone could remind us of Rohingyas here? I am surprised that not a single comment referred to this segment which the Congress party along with its alliance partners supported very well that few among them also went to the court in their favor. We have already lost a huge grounds in opposing PM Modi & now we are showing concerns of the different issues like in the mean time we are concerned of the illegal migrants from our neighboring countries & simultaneously we are also discussing about the population explosion but why we are not discussing the policies & the parties responsible for such miseries.

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    This is serious. In Delhi too there is a huge population of Bangladeshis is there who are illegal immigrants. Most of the ladies go-to houses there and work as maids. It's very serious because people don't check their ID cards and employ them. I remember we also had in the past and she used to tell that it's very easy to cross the border. Its time when government should take action against them.

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