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    Is it good to work in an organisation were the employees are not treated with respect

    The best employer is the one who is employee friendly and treats their employees with respect. But unfortunately, not employers are very understanding and somehow employees need to manage to earn their living. But the worst is when the employees are not respected. There are organizations who ask their employees to work and finish of the task even if they are sick or has a genuine personal problem.
    In my very own project, I see that we are asked to work when we are sick and not given off's very easily. If we have to take off the medical reports need to be submitted. Here it shows the trust factor they have on their employees.
    Is it worth working for such companies or is it the same everywhere? Here, the company I work for is a reputed MNC but the project that I am into plays the low-class tricks.
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    There are some organisations where human values are duly considered and a conducive climate is created so that the employees could contribute their best to the organisation.

    On the other hand some of the organisation do not follow such doctrine and believe that every thing can be done by pressure tactics. These are often having inhuman approach to resource management and will be only interested to take work from the employees.

    In long runs generally employees leave such organisations if they get opportunity in a better one. It is always better to work in a congenial and friendly environment as it is beneficial for the both - the employer as well as the employee.

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    When the conditions are not conducive to work employees can't work. An intelligent employer will always see that their employees will be happy and extract quality work and quantity also. More than the salary which is a fixed and negotiated item, the working atmosphere will have a big say in this. When a person is sick forcing him to work is not appreciated. We can't expect him to work with full concentration. If such things happen frequently definitely a good employee will try and shift to another job. Only the employees who are not able to get another job will stay until he gets another job. That is not good for the employer.
    It is always better to switch over to another job if the employer is not treating the employee properly. As the unemployment problem is existing in our country, these issues are happening. But leaving a job without an alternative is not advisable for an employee as his bargaining capacity will come down with the new employer.

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    Even I work in an MNC and going through the same situation as you. We are asked to work and work, our problems or issues are not valued. We are asked to work for at least 10-11 hours a day. I hardly remember when the last time I left office after 8 hours of working.

    In my opinion, it's not worth to work for such organisations but where to go then as most of the organisations are like this only except a few OEMs.


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